I was beaten weeks ago

Nothing happened. Went to work, time passed by slowly due to the lack of a break. Feet hurt, it’s painful to stand.

End of the day I had a short conversation regarding my height, said I was only 5’9.5. That’s the shortest I am, never properly measured myself, Polish girl did say I looked 5’11, either way I’m proud of being above average height.

Should never have made the blog private, it wasn’t worth keeping the job, money is not something that can reproduce the readers I’ve lost, they might not have cared about me but they knew me.

I weigh 11.5 stone.

Still in with a fighting chance of making rank 10. Would feel very accomplished if I do.

Chinese Chad and regular Chad put up their work schedules on the fridge to help organise badminton games, I like the insight it gives me, should be gardening soon.

Ate hummus and pitta bread again. Bought Pepsi, soft drinks are the only thing that can give me a lift.

I don’t really think or feel anything anymore, I don’t want anything more than to survive and have some time to be comfortable.


4 thoughts on “I was beaten weeks ago

  1. Some of us tried to gain access all the while and some robots even posted “where’s poleaboo” threads haha
    Thing is, you’re right. We don’t know you irl, but we’ve certainly gotten to know you through here and though our opinions and thoughts vary widely, we’re glad to e caught up man.
    This may or not be something you’d be down for but a picture would help, you know put a face to the person we’re becoming acquainted with through these writings. Just a thought.


    • Have barely posted on /r9k/ since my arrest due to Judas’ and general changes. Stick to /brit/ and /britfeel/ now. Still keeping it private most of the day, lucky no one at work read beyond when they met me. Don’t understand the sympathy from my manager and coworkers but I don’t want to lose it.

      The only picture I have of myself is a selfie, taken to add to my Facebook account (roommate still didn’t accept that friend request). I don’t think it’s a good pic.


      • Stinks of piss, probably looks like a pile of shit, 5’9 tower of shit. On another note, was a little disturbed to read about you urinating on library chairs. It struck me then, you urinate yourself then sit in public places & public transport. Please stop contaminating this city!!


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