Best day I’ve had in the last 2 months at least

No work today, it was raining, got a call concerning it early enough into the day.

Chad camped out in the kitchen for a while, went to the pissbottles 3 times, twice did I hit the carpet. Made a lot of noise using the Pepsi bottle. Later risked it when I heard the kitchen door close and went to the actual bathroom, Chad heard me though, said “hello?”, so I answered, told him about work, just facts, described events and the situation, I don’t know how normal conversations go but they are not like this, they are more than the regurgitation of facts.

My Man City shirt arrived today, wasn’t sure of the quality but /sp/ put my mind at rest. Think this is the first frivolous/luxury purchase I’ve made since buying a 3DS in late 2013 or a Pokemon game at the start of the year. Feel happy owning this, though I’m anxious about wearing it, it’s a nice shirt, coming into contact with myself can only make it less attractive. If I do wear it it’ll be in private while I watch MOTD. Dismayed that Aguero changed his shirt number after I placed the order.

Got to rank 10 on Hearthstone and continued my win streak even further, reached rank 8. Did it with an unremarkable facehunter deck. Didn’t feel as good as I’d hoped. Bought the final wing of BRM too, also didn’t feel as satisfying as expected, felt relief if anything, just feel empty now, not sure if I’ll play the game as much anymore.

Watched WWE Summerslam, enjoyed it.

Relaxing day. Indoors, alone, achieving success, obtaining nice things and being comfy.

Went out in the rain to buy groceries, feel calmer in such weather since there isn’t anyone out. Ate a jacket potato with tuna and coleslaw.

Someone is still using my cutlery.

Don’t have the confidence to discuss my upcoming conviction with my manager. Could argue I don’t need to as he read the date it would happen and I told him the charge I’d plead guilty to.


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