It’ll all be over soon

Emailed the principal of the university, told him my situation, requested details on the misconduct hearing. He was polite in his response but asked me to contact him again after the legal proceedings. I got the feeling that he is not planning on letting me back in and won’t be fair and just in applying the misconduct procedure. Whatever happens will happen and my response will be exactly what should be expected.

Had to spend 4 hours at work training the lying Irish shit who shared my blog. He was pleasant, hard to maintain my dislike for him as he is nice enough to my face. Female colleague told me to smile, I couldn’t. Say “Hi” to a colleague, he didn’t smile, felt upset, probably how I make others feel. Park is still Jewwing me, only got paid for 4 hours yesterday. Think the Eastern Euro guy is Russian.

After this week, I will only be working weekends, will have the legal stuff finished and possibly know if I’ll be back at uni, I’ll be reborn, get to play the game again after being in stasis for the last 5 months. I’ll do better this time.

Found my bowl staring at me in pieces laying in the bin, it has noodles on its body, so I know it was that filthy chink who used and broke my bowl. There’s no excuse for this behaviour, there are other bowls, he owns his own bowls. Too late to do anything about it now, don’t feel like taking revenge.

Chad has been using my plate, I did think about destroying it as he was using it more often than myself.

Chips and gravy for dinner.

Bought socks, used to have a lot, must have left them at the old flat.

Losing interest in Hearthstone since buying the last wing as my goals are less clear now.


6 thoughts on “It’ll all be over soon

    • I’d agree with this, it’s a simple accident I would imagine, not worth causing conflict over. Just use his stuff or ask him if he can grab you a new one as it’s your only one. He’s been pleasant to you. And considering you don’t like race being raised as an issue, calling him a ‘filthy chink’ here seems hypocritical. Basically, relax, it’s just a bowl.


      • No, he didn’t use it accidentally, but he did break it accidentally. You see how those are two separate and distinct events, right?

        Just borrowing/using someone’s bowl isn’t an inherently wrong or deplorable act.

        The fact that he accidentally broke it after borrowing it as at worst annoying, and at least totally inconsequential.

        It’s not some attempt to insult or ‘get at’ you. Just an accidental event.


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