Almost at the end and I still don’t care

Understaffed at work, had to travel between the two rides I’m trained to operate throughout the day. Felt good, like I was useful. Fewer people around now, cliques are smaller to non existent, much more comfortable, we’re all on the same level.

The operations director came to see me regarding the rota for the next week/month. I was puzzled by this as the park is only open on weekends during September. Turns out I misunderstood, he was offering me work in the arcade during weekdays, I would take this, I could do with the money, maybe get a little more than just rent, though I do need a break at some point to unwind. He asked about my availability, took some guesses regarding uni, he could see I was confused so left me and said he’d check back in on me later in the day.

Was supposed to go back and forth between the two rides every half an hour. One ride was dead and there were a few people who wanted to get on the other ride before I shut it, so I held off my commute by 10 minutes. Saw the ops director going to the other ride, realising I wasn’t there and looking mad. This is bad, he thought I was one of the more competent workers at the park. Didn’t hear back from him regarding the hours in the arcade.

Think a guy was angry at me for not helping out pulling the cover over the bouncy castle when it started raining, he looked mad but that’s how he usually looks, I was legitimately preoccupied though.

Gotta text my friend, ask to hangout tomorrow after my time in court, don’t really want or need to but it’s just what I’m supposed to do. Not anxious or interested in the trial at all, nothing I can do but take what is dished out.

Mum called, said she and my sister were planning on travelling up to where I am tomorrow. I asked why and she suggested it was to offer support. Disgusted to hear this, I told her that I didn’t need her, she then responded that I would be all alone, told her this wasn’t true, I had friends and I am fine. The dunce hadn’t even looked at hotels, didn’t know that it would be difficult to get a room at such short notice or the cost. I have always overcome hardship and tricky situations on my own, I didn’t need her in the past and I don’t need her now, not that she is even capable of offering support, we have never spoken about our emotions, her only accomplishment regarding my upbringing is keeping me alive. Proposed that instead of visiting me she look for a job instead, her response was to ask me about my financial situation and offer to send me money. I wouldn’t accept bennies directly or indirectly. Useless woman, either looking for drama or can’t stand the sudden realisation that I’ve flown the nest.

Bought train tickets to go back home 21-25th September for Eid. £73.30.

Accidentally left my blog public for the day.

Some kind of international culture festival in the City centre, Polish lot last time did BBQ.

Uni starts 29th September. Looking at the timetable of classes was upsetting, not sure why.

Been buying bus tickets day to day since Tuesday since I don’t know if a bus pass is worth the investment. Bitch bus driver didn’t open the doors for me.

Looking forward to getting my laptop back.


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