Got to the court at 10am as I was told to by my solicitor, waited in a corridor for near 1 hour before I was called in. It was a tiny room, called an intermediate diet court, I believe, didn’t take much of a look at the audience. Stood up where I was told to, answered “yeah” and “yeah, that’s correct” when asked if I plead guilty to the charges. The judge was female, the prosecutor seemed poor (not a confident voice, sentences not we constructed), I was told to sit while the prosecutor summarised the victim statements, I was embarrassed, taking abut Facebook friend request, fake accounts and only speaking to my roommate a handful of times was pathetic, I looked down and out the window, cringing, bowing my head low, at some points I felt a bit of a need to smile, don’t know why and don’t know if I resisted. The prosecutor mentioned I sent one victim an apology, he seemed confused after he read that out, he was likely hoping to finish on a stronger note regarding how I caused fear/alarm. Just like at the bail hearing, it was mentioned that I considered my actions to be ‘harmless’, a comment taken out of context from the police interview.

My solicitors turn now, he started off by mentioning I got suspended from uni in my 3rd year, I spoke up to correct him. The few faces I could see in the court were amused, my briefs confidence appeared to take a dive, judge asked him for clarification. He went on to say I was sorry, I’m very isolated in this city, my family although supportive don’t condone my behavior and that my job pays poorly. Said he’d accept a level 1 community order (100 hours unpaid work).

Judge slapped me with a £300 fine, explained it would have been £400 if I had gone to trial, really fucking regret the dates didn’t line up better for me, going to hate myself if it doesn’t pay off. Solicitor turned to me and simplified what the judge had said “Can you manage £10 a week?” while smiling. This was considered a ‘win’ for him. That was that, over swiftly, I asked if I could leave while pointing to the door, was told I could, struggled with the handle before changing hands. A guy caught me as I was leaving with a form regarding my income, I handed it to the reception and left.

After leaving I realised I should have waited from my solicitor to ask him followup questions such as the return of my electronic devices and if I need to do anything more to pay off the fine. I texted him but no reply.

Emailed the uni principal.

Texted my friend, no reply from him, not sure what I even want from him.

Stomach has been feeling upset all day. Feel strange now, I think the feeling is similar to worry, it’s unpleasant and the worst I’ve felt in a while. I probably feel this way because I’m uncertain of the future, I don’t like that. Before I knew the next stop was the trial, anything else was further off and I didn’t need to entertain thoughts of it at the time, don’t know where to go from here or what’s coming. If I don’t get the laptop back I could see the coppers coming for me again.

Poles do have that BBQ in town again.


9 thoughts on “Guilty

  1. Mate it could have gone much worst. But what i couldnt understand you have been defended a bit more. And also making fake accounts and sending friends request how can it be an that much bigger deal ?


    • >you have been defended a bit more
      Not sure what you’re asking. Solicitor just wasn’t very good and it was a guilty plea.

      Anything that caused fear/alarm is relevant but the charges seemed to focus on the threads

      I don’t think it could’ve been worse, would’ve gone to trial if I had an earlier date


  2. what i was trying to say that you should have been defended a bit more. what was the charges mate? what sort of a fear did you ever approach those room mates of yours? and you have done the right thing not going in to the trail as it would have taken longer and then your charges of returning to university would be lesser. although it is hilarious that you corrected your lawyer.


    • Stalking Act section 39
      Described what I did as “posting images, blogs (yeah, plural) and derogatory remarks that caused fear/alarm”

      Police said my intent didn’t matter, one of the girls read this and the thread, thought I was the next Elliot, the other just wanted me to leave her alone. I reckon a decent brief and a trial would’ve gotten me off, the charges/actions/complaints don’t sync up.

      My solicitor never pondered whether to argue if it was reasonable for the girls to feel the way they did. Or maybe that’s just my problem, everyone else involved appeared to act as if I had traumatised them.


    • Well, it’s a good thing you racked up some work experience then, instead of sitting around doing nothing. The experience should offset the criminal record for future employers.


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