This is my private space, stop reading what you know you won’t like

Approached by a manager type guy who I hadn’t seen before, he gave me some hours in the gambling area for next week while the park is shut. Apparently I’m the only park worker looking for a more work to cover the lost time. He assumed I was a foreign national, offended but he later apologised, good of him. Asked about uni, I visibly sweated,   was uncomfortable being put on the spot. I’ll be working until near midnight.

Black guy asked about my blog, said that he’d like to read it. Alarm bells went off but we were near the manager so I just wanted to end the conversation quickly. He asked what it was about, I responded with a decent display of wit, ‘current affairs’. Told him the thing was private and that was that. Nice guy, probably wouldn’t mind if he read it.

My blog was read by coworkers again. The hostile female who I referred to as a ‘chav pig’ confronted me alone, told me to insult her to her face. I sighed, asked why she was still reading the thing. Told me she had been tipped off by someone else. It’s bizarre, this drama was over a month ago, I don’t believe someone was checking it daily, waiting for me to slip up and leave it public, I don’t believe any of them would care so much. At least now I have an excuse to make enquires and root out the rat who found my blog and shared it.

I stood my ground against her, raised my voice, told her I didn’t care when she repeatedly accused me of just being jealous, I don’t think I let her finish her thought, probably was going to go on and say “having friends”. Bit of an exchange about the disclaimer. The argument I should’ve used from the off was that I used a derogatory term to refer to her back when she was being a bitch to me.

Another female, one who always made sure to greet me broke it up, told us both to knock it off. Hate that I’ve not acted in a way to justify the kindness shown to me.

My clocking in card was vandalised.

Friend replied, invited me for a catchup and a smoke. Bit anxious about it.

Detective replied, I’ll know when he knows.

No reply from the university principal.

No reply from my solicitor. Think he’s finished with me.

Felt down yesterday, normal again now.

Relief that I’ll still have an income, maybe even a bit of the disposable kind.

Worried about the blog being an issue at work again.


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