Things will get better now, I think

Think the cunts at work are still able to read this so I deleted one of the users who requested access, thought they were a bit suspicious. Didn’t talk to anyone at work, no one gave me any aggro, good, I suppose, still no closer to solving the mystery of who found my blog, I didn’t really want to ask around anyway, shouldn’t prod the bear. The female supervisor is still being nice to me, she’s nice to everyone, even customers. Feel like shit since I can’t express how much I appreciate it, I’m not even responding when she speaks to me more than half the time.

Saw a guy from work who one would generally consider to be unattractive, walking into town with a qt. Confusing and maddening, wonder if I was ever in with a shot at playing this game.

Golf qt has brown hair now.

6 and a half hour shifts without a break are hellish, glad I’m only at the park on weekends now, bit of time to unwind now as Arcade shifts start later in the day. More glad I will have even more limited interaction with the park staff.

10 wins in the Arena on Hearthstone.

Still not heard from uni. My friend didn’t reply to my reply to his reply, odd since it was a direct question.


2 thoughts on “Things will get better now, I think

    • Paki
      Working class, no financial troubles, ever, nice 4 bedroom house in a nice area, 2 decent cars to the house.
      Parents were generally quite hands off.
      Muslim family, doesn’t really mean anything, did the holidays and some of Ramadan.


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