I like Polish people and I like my job

Gotta be careful, don’t know who is reading.

Started working in the arcade today, shift started at 4pm, didn’t do anything notable before then. Roommate was rattling about so I used a pissbottle. Bought a single bus ticket, student card expires tomorrow, need to spend more on travel now. Shaved, think I look better with a light beard but being clean shaven feels better. Chinese Chad knocked on the bathroom door while I was shaving, I said “shaving”, he replied he only needed to wash his hands, I opened the door but he was going down to use the kitchen sink, I thought his laugh was nervous.

Arrived at the arcade area of the park, went up to the desk and noticed the two oldest workers from the park, probably shouldn’t be surprised they also put in hours at the arcade, they’re full adults after all. Both generally pleasant guys. Stressed repeatedly that the job requires me to speak over the radio, I think rather than having read my blog, they heard stuff from others regarding the pants wetting. Got shown around the gambling area of the arcade quickly, told what my responsibilities were: dispense change, clean machines but most importantly don’t let kids into the area and otherwise follow the gambling licensing regulations.

Had to read a document and do a quiz presided over by a manager, fucked it up, thought I could get by with the usual “call a manager/maintenance” to the questions. Sweated, frustrated body language, must have looked pathetic. Was asked to call over the guy who trained me, bit of confusion, I didn’t know what I was expected to do, looked an idiot again.

I just got left to it after that. Wonder around the place a little, not very busy so there isn’t much to do, the customers who are there can take care of themselves, I’m only there for the sake of fulfilling legal obligations, need some mechanism to keep kids away. I liked it, even though there wasn’t much to do, time seemed to fly by, likely because I didn’t feel any pressure or stress, there are very few colleagues I needed to familiarise myself with. I could dispense free drinks from a machine, I tried a hot chocolate, vanilla latte and a couple of waters, helped keep energy up, no need for the bathroom though which is good, a sign of my comfort in the role, I’m sure.

Eastern Euro from the park works behind the bar, exchanged smiles. Quite a few other Poles working indoors too, can’t fault the managers, work here was offered to the British park workers. My supervisor is Polish, looks young, he was friendly and smiley, tried to make conversation. Another guy, maintenance, seen him around often, similar age to myself, had a 5 minute conversation with me despite having no reason to be anywhere near me, just general work stuff was what we spoke of. Asked a maintenance guy if I was reporting faults too often, he said it was fine. Everyone is friendly, want to be able to give something back as usual, don’t know how.

This job is kinda like security work.

Depressing seeing people lose at games, particularly the claw machine or pouring over £100 into one of the traps. Think over half the customers were Poles, some didn’t even speak English.

Enjoyed walking the dead silent dark streets to the bus stop, weather didn’t force me to sweat and nobody watching me, I was all alone and comfortable that way. Got home at midnight.


2 thoughts on “I like Polish people and I like my job

  1. Curious as to what they offer over there in the way of Community Service. I know you probably haven’t thought much of it, but 100 hours is no drop in the hat. Keep on keeping on Poleaboo. After some time this whole event will seem like water under the bridge; as it seems you have grown in multiple aspects…it feels like the chaos has subsided and you can return to writing what you write best, your social interactions of awkwardness and general thoughts and itinerary of your day. Will continue reading. 🙂 cheers


    • That meant a lot to me. Not sure if I want to return to that place though, it might not seem like much or exciting at all but my life has more going on now.

      Back when I started there were days I wouldn’t leave the flat or talk to anyone, all events seemed more significant, that’s not the case anymore. I see several people a day, don’t feel the need to describe every qt because they’re commonplace enough that they barely register in my memory now.


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