£10 a day keeps the whores away

Letter from the Sheriffs court was on the kitchen table, hope whoever placed it there didn’t pay it much attention. Paid £10 of the fine, I do have the option of paying it all off at once and while it is a tedious humiliation, it is better for me financially in the long run. Once I find my feet, I will do something truly malicious to earn the punishment I received. Those girls are bad people and don’t deserve an ounce of my sympathy.

Ate cereal, sat in bed, played Hearthstone, added some friends from the general, I liked seeing the total number of “friends” online being higher than before. It was a day off, figured I’d treat myself, bought some ASDA brand tortilla chips and dip, saw one of the nice McDonald’s managers on his phone outside the building, he didn’t smile at me. Forgot to buy deodorant. What looked like a qt stopped her car to allow me to cross the road.

Worried about work tomorrow, feel like a kid on the Sunday before school starts again.

Watched the Cinema Snob movie, it’s poorly made, an unoriginal thought I had while watching it was to make a film of my own.

Pissed in a half empty Lucozade due to lack of options.

While walking to work on Tuesday, a female called out to me, I turned back to her and apologised. She smirked like Adele from ‘Blue is the Warmest Colour’ and asked with an accent “Who is your internet provider?”. I was elated when I thought she wanted to speak to me and crushed when I realised she was another fraud, only being nice to me because she had to. I don’t know what I was expecting, just brought alive by the thought someone with completely free will wanted to interact with me. Didn’t respond to the female, turned and walked away. Can’t forget her face though.

Only good thing about Chinese Chads guitar playing and singing is that his room is closer to Chads so it’s annoying him more than me.

A post relating to me on /brit/ was funny but I felt bad that I haven’t sufficiently improved my life.

I’ve gone the last 2 days without speaking a word. Feels like old times except I’m not unhappy about it.


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