Open the doors

Woke up before 7am to get ready for my shift at work. It was a struggle, tempted to not go in as I was unsure about today’s duties. I arrived at 8.28am, 2 minutes before the start of work, saw one of the Polish cleaning girls cycle away from the building, oddly. I tried entering the Arcade through the front doors but the doors wouldn’t open. Stood there puzzled for a moment before realising there wasn’t anything I could do so I left and went back home. I suspect coworkers may have seen me walking away.


Ignored a call that was likely from my employers. I realise that my excuse sound ridiculous, I was probably looking for an excuse. Worried about being asked in person tomorrow when I return to the park.

Really should have bought a laptop from the off, 5 months in and I’m committed to this path now. Police are surely going to try and force that vouyerism charge.

7 days since contacting the uni, student materials say it should take 10 days max for this to get going. Not happy.

Friend texted me yesterday, we’ve been exchanging one message a day, think he’s lost interest in me.

Did my gardening, pretty half arsed, the ground was in poor condition.

Put food in the oven. Roommate went in around the 20 minute mark, had to wait half an hour to retrieve my burned meal. Are cheese sandwiches and an additional bowl of cereal throughout the day.

Chad brought a friend around, took him into the kitchen, heard my name mentioned, told him that he probably already knew me. I highly doubt he does.

Not spoken to anyone for 3 days now, it’s getting easier to retreat into my shell but I’m remembering how uncomfortable it is. I spent most of the day bored. I don’t even really like Hearthstone anymore.


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