Weekdays a free now, should be fun for a while

When I arrived at the park for my shift I saw pretty much every other park worker, 10+ of them, gathered outside the entrance. They only see each other on weekends now so I shouldn’t be suspicious. I don’t want to be included in their gang but I don’t like seeing them altogether. Probably saw me heading in their direction when they decided to split up and clock in.

Woman who did my induction caught me on my way to the park area, asked why I wasn’t in yesterday, she was jolly about it, told her the truth, turns out there’s a side door I should’ve used, I assumed it was locked too since it wasn’t propped open like usual. She informed me that because I’d let them down, I wouldn’t he getting any more hours in the arcade. She was nice enough about it, can’t blame her, said “Fair enough”, 12 hours a week in the park isn’t enough to cover the rent but it’s a strong contribution and with my savings, it’s too early to worry.

Manager spoke to me, I said I’d already spoken to the woman. Eastern Euro missed a shift too but he called in so he wasn’t under fire, calling in to let them know you can’t make it is all they ask. Operations Director also hunted me down and asked the question, he tried to assert some authority but he didn’t have the voice or personality for it. Told him my story, told me about the door again. Asked why I hung up when they called, I didn’t realise hitting the power button hung it up, thought it just made it silent. Think I deflected that one well though, said I ignored it because it was a private number.

Some photos/video was filmed on my ride for promotional materials, I think, no one bothered to tell me, just keep operating the ride. The park owner came up with who I assume were his kids who were wearing Halloween costumes, asked me if I could dry off the seats on the ride. I said I could find a cleaning rag, I ran around for a few minutes, when I got back, he and his kids were finished with the ride and were leaving. He patted my arm, smiled and let me know I’d done well. Felt bad for a bit but then remembered how little I cared about performing this job well anymore, there are very few hours left and they never deserved employees who did their jobs well in the first place due to the poor working conditions.

Went home, they congregated again.

Saw a one armed Pole with a 6/10. Not angry, just confused, why bother trying when I don’t understand the rules of the game. Uni not replied, 2 more days before I have the right to be mad. Overhearing a conversation in the kitchen, Chinese Chad was walking around naked.

Ate a jacket potato with coleslaw and tuna. Had a cheese sandwich before work to keep my energy up.

Bought deodorant.


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