Pay up

Noticed scribbles on my clocking in card, because I hadn’t clocked in on the Monday and my note explaining had been misunderstood, I had only been marked as having worked one hour. I knew I was in the right here and could easily explain/prove my story so without hesitation I took my card to the manager. He glanced at it, called my notes gibberish, I tried explaining twice, I didn’t know what exact words to use, we came to an understanding eventually.

Work was fine but it is now confirmed that I won’t be getting any more work in the arcade. The free weekdays will be fun for a while, a little holiday but I need to focus on getting a new job or not as it’s probably impossible now students are arriving back in the city. Can’t compete with Stacy or the legions of foreigners who will be perceived as harder, more disciplined workers.

I haven’t contacted either of the Polish girls, worried I’d be arrested on the spot, not that I even really care much about either of them anymore. Just like everything else, leaving the memories alone has near expunged the addiction.

Generally upbeat, looking forward to time to relax.

Ate the same foods as yesterday.


2 thoughts on “Pay up

    • Ideally I wouldn’t want to work but if I had to do something, it would be simple, something I couldn’t fuck up, something that didn’t require much or any thinking, no interaction with other people is another preferable factor. That “Arcade attendant” gig was good, shame I fucked it up.


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