A real cunt move to wait the full 10 days before setting a date for the hearing and another 10 for it to actually take place.

Uni got in touch, misconduct hearing will be on the 18th, my course coordinator, the head of the business school (Teaches ethics) and some woman who sends emails out will be present. Two females, one male, they were the ones to speak to my classmate. Dreading being outnumbered 3 to 1, I’ll surely be anxious and unable to mount any traction with my arguments or confidently put forth counter points. Can’t think of much to put towards them other than this was all a satirical creative writing project to help me get my thoughts in order and it was never meant to be read. They’re the ones who screwed me initially, only giving me a fair shot now because of my persistence, probably expected me to fade away, go back home, kill myself or get a custodial sentence. They’ll see now though that they made a mistake, finally engage with me, see how human I am, I’ll tell them how I’ve matured and tried to get my life in order.

Allowed to bring 2 witnesses of my own, friend turned me down, said he didn’t want any involvement with the stuff. Puzzles me why his sympathy and kindness end here when I’m actually asking for it. Got more than I deserved out of him anyway, I’m a boring cunt, friendship was one sided, I contributed absolutely nothing. The relationship made me anxious too so good riddance. Might try advertising for some local robots to accompany me.

Didn’t leave the house or talk to anyone, took my roommates a while to leave but even when they were here they kept the volume down. Good day, could do with vacuuming since I’m going to be here until the weekend. I didn’t do anything but I felt comfortable for most of the day.

Another piss related mishap.

Arcade job was a cushy gig, regret having fucked that up. I liked the people that worked there too, old change counter guy, qt super nice Polish supervisor, older guys from the park. One of the arcade/park workers told me yesterday if I needed the bathroom to tell him, he’d cover for me, such a nice guy, shame we won’t be spending as much time together as I’d expected, he probably doesn’t know I’ve been canned either.

Jacket, cereal and microwaved cheese sandwiches were my meals today.


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