Only have myself to blame

Good nights sleep again, masturbated to a femdom video before bed. Ate cereal when I got up but didn’t eat again until 8pm, microwaved cheese sandwiches, brown bread, still don’t have much of an appetite. I shaved, think I want to go into the misconduct hearing with a light beard.

Doorbell rang twice, it always makes my heart skip a beat, I worry it might be the police. Accepted a delivery for Chad and textbook from Chinese Chads friend. Short and easy exchanges.

Oven is broken.

Student Union guy replied to my email, offered to accompany me to the hearing, asked for more info, I gave him everything, links to the thread, the most recent letter and my arguments. He’s a student union guy, must be social and friendly, I should enjoy him by my side and I look forward to having someone “real” to discuss this matter with. Solicitor replied, nice of him to get back to me but his response was trash, “You’ll get your laptop back when the police are done with it”.

Played Hearthstone.

Spent most of the day browsing Darknet Markets. Bought some Bitcoin. Found what I needed, wish I had thought of this last year, would’ve saved me much pain and a I wouldn’t have a criminal record. It’s hilarious, I sometimes fantasise about being back in high school armed with the knowledge and experience I have now but really even stepping back a few months would have saved me a bit of aggro, I learn more every day. I’ll finally have what I originally wanted and more, it’ll all be over, no losers, everyone got what they wanted, I’ll be at peace, even now it relaxes me greatly knowing that I’ll certainly get my closure.

Roommates were out most of the day.


5 thoughts on “Only have myself to blame

    • Can’t say exactly, detective being detective, just know it isn’t a gun, I’ll admit I had a browse (this is fiction etc) but that was a last resort, leapt to a better option once I thought of it and it appeared a realistic possibility.

      I’ll post specific results on /brit/


      • Damn /brit? Post here man haha I never go on there and how would I even go about finding the thread and when.
        I was reading this post thinking that all this was about to get a lot more interesting finally haha. At least clues.

        My bet? Some chloroform or shit, idk.. Plus it’s all fiction, as the disclaimer states.
        Telling us what it really is or telling us that it’s a fire breathing ostrich each have as much bearing on you as the other.

        But if it’s THAT bad then I guess I understand but a link to or heads up for the thread on Brit would be cool at least.
        Highly interested in the results, they deserve what they get tbh man.


      • I’m very likely getting scammed, will tell you explicitly in a week.

        It’s illegal, not that bad but I don’t need the wrong people reading this and grassing me up.
        We can talk about it on /britfeel/ too, plenty of Yanks on both generals.

        Not posting the threads, no one should have to sift through 400 posts.


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