Just counting down the days

Despite going to sleep at 3am, I was able wake up alert and energised at around 9am. It’s convenient emptying pissbottles out of the window, little worried a roommate might see me from above, getting a bit anxious about doing even that now. Emptied around 2 litres onto the flower bed area beneath my window today, I’m sure this will have some effect on the area, hopefully make it unpleasant for Chad and his pals if he ever decides to host a party/BBQ like he was planning to.

I got a little dry mouthed waiting for the kitchen to free up, didn’t get a mug of water in the afternoon until after 6pm. Went out a little later to buy something to eat, got hummus and pitta bread, getting sick of it but I don’t know what else to do. Sweated just  little on my way back home, I took a glance upwards towards my roommates windows, saw Chad looking out also, don’t think we made eye contact but I don’t like that he was watching me walk. Went straight to my room once I got through the front door, listened carefully, once the coast was clear I went into the kitchen but before I could pop my bread into the microwave Chad came thundering down the stairs, I quickly stashed my food into a cupboard and began to leave thee room. Unfortunately I wasn’t quick enough, can’t remember if I was aware enough to greet hi however he told me he was heading into town, I replied “Good for you” and moved further out of the room, I had to slide past him, I don’t know why he entered the kitchen, the front door to leave the building is in the other direction. He said he hated getting dressed up, I didn’t respond, I didn’t know what to say, opened the door to my room, he tried opening the front door but was surprised it was locked, trying not to appear too rude, I made conversation regarding when and why to lock the doors, neither of us wanted to be talking, I shouldn’t have said anything, I didn’t know when to stop or turn my back so I kept going as to avoid coming across as antisocial. Didn’t last long, glad it’s over, hope it won’t happen again any time soon.

I ate after he had left.

The student union guy replied to me, just general stuff about how the hearing will go down, good info but nothing specific to my case. It’ll be informal, think that might make it harder for me to speak.

Will visit the GP tomorrow to set an appointment.

Couple of runs in the arena in Hearthstone, I’m enjoying collecting cards from packs to complete my collection more than anything. Watched another episode of Prison School, it’s a decent show.

Paid £90 off my fine because I’m worried about missing one of the repayment dates.

Work tomorrow, don’t feel like leaving my room for such a long period though, my body has gone soft, feet hurt walking down to ASDA. Pretty comfy right now, I’ve become accustomed to it, it’s not perfect but I’m OK with this, I do need another job but I’m not going to seriously look for one, I can survive as I am, I’m comfortable enough and I wouldn’t get anything anyway with the students coming back to the city.


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