Weekdays > Weekends

Work today, time went by slowly as I have lost the tolerance built up over the summer. It was cold and rainy too, fingers were close to numb, not a lot of customers, not a lot to do, unpleasant day. Left home early to visit the GP surgery and book an appointment, too my mild surprise, it was closed, not open on weekends, I suspected this, meant to check, so I only have myself to blame, will try calling in on Monday. I saw two work colleges walking in the other direction when I was off to the GPs, I expected this but was still uncomfortable, we could see each other for 30 seconds or so before we passed each other, didn’t know when the right time to speak up was. I waved, the guy said “You know work is that way?”, I responded “I know, I just have something to take care of this way” while flailing my hands.

Saw the Polish guy from the arcade, don’t know if he saw me, I hope he and the others don’t think I didn’t appreciate their friendliness and chose to quit.

Didn’t get one on one time with the ops director, no opportunity to ask for my hours in the arcade back.

Ate hummus, bought a sandwich from ASDA for work. Buying £4 bus tickets now my student card has expired.

No response from detective.

Forgot to wear deodorant.

My mum called, she received the hard copy of the letter my uni emailed to me regarding my hearing, the regulations violated and what I’ve been convicted of. She asked if I wanted her to open the letter, told her not to as I’ve already received a copy via email, I suspect she had already opened it. Didn’t realise my roommate was still in the kitchen, he must have heard me uttering the words “uni” and “hearing” at the very least, most likely was able to hear the entirety of what I had to say. Worried but I need to remember suspicions are worthless, he’s probably telling himself he misheard and if he isn’t, he cant prove anything, so this goes no further.


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