NEET life is alright

I felt anxious last night, couldn’t force myself to go to bed until 3am. Felt anxious and down most of today too, not sure what exactly the problem is since I’m trying to avoid thinking about my dilemmas. Due to the feelings I’m having I’ve lost my appetite again, only ate two meals, cereal when I woke up and hummus late afternoon.

While in the shower I heard someone loudly knock the door twice and then ring the bell, my heart skipped a few beats as always when I someone at the door, worry it could be the police again, especially on edge this time as the knocks were real professional. Roommate answered it. Turns out it was just a delivery man.

I called up the GP surgery I’m registered with, booked an appointment, this Wednesday since there was a cancellation. The phone conversation was quick and to the point, I said what I wanted (to see a GP), they corrected me (to see a doctor) and asked for my details. That was it. Not long enough to get worked up over and my roommates weren’t home so I could speak comfortably. Not sure what to say to the doctor, I’ll plan tomorrow.

Pissed out of the window a couple of times, pissed myself once, roommates were about. Need to empty several pissbottles next time I have the place to myself to avoid this happening again. Washed my clothes though.

Pretty good at the Arena in Hearthstone now, can devote more time to it and claim more rewards now. Feel accomplished and have a sense of purpose. Spent most of the day sitting/laying in my bed.

Going home for a few days next week, should be alright, get some pizza and other paki take away stuff.

Enjoying the bottle of Pepsi I bought yesterday.


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