Roommates went out to play badminton again, they brought back Chads brother, got a little anxious when I heard them but luckily I did not have to lay eyes on any of them during the entire day. Looked up what panic attacks are and I believe I do suffer from them, around people, sweating is the most common symptom for me and while alone, thinking of potential uncomfortable situations, my heart rate increases and breathing becomes unpleasant.

Watched Raw today. The PPV looks somewhat fun. Watched the Mayweather fight on Sunday. Nothing remarkable anywhere.

Played Hearthstone, 3 Arena runs, not happy I keep pulling bad cards, fills the collection at least.

Chinese Chad knocked on my door last night, took a minute for me to get up and pull on my pants, the delay in opening the door probably makes him think I’m weird. Asked if I’d be in on Thursday, gotta let the gas man in or something. Conversation was to the point and short. I tried reaching for the hallway light on the wrong side of the door, he laughed. He laughs often, wonder if it’s a nervous laugh or a polite one.

The animals from work read my blog yesterday and again today, either them or the Poles.

Will tell the doctor about my pissbottles and anxiety tomorrow. Maybe about the obsessiveness. Not sure of the exact words I want to use.

Not bought weed as I was unable to find a cheap enough UK supplier (though they are still cheaper than local street rates, I’m being told I’m being ripped off), haven’t been able to get a rec yet either.

Ate cereal, hummus, few cookies with milk. Hit the pissbottles 3 times.

I’m not feeling down, still enjoying not having any obligations for a while.


130 thoughts on “Tuesday

  1. Are you a practicing Muslim now Poleaboo?

    Do you still creep on Their fb and have a sneaky little wank?

    Do you keep in contact with chad and Asian chad from Aberdeen?

    Are you still playing hearthstone?

    Have you smoked any weed recently?

    Do you still take your anxiety pills?

    Are you writing a private (offline) diary?


    • Not poleaboo but from what I’ve heard

      >Are you a practicing Muslim now Poleaboo?
      Non-practicing Muslim

      >Do you still creep on Their fb and have a sneaky little wank?
      He never wanked to either of them ever but he still keeps tabs on them

      >Do you keep in contact with chad and Asian chad from Aberdeen?

      Are you still playing hearthstone?
      Banned from the internet so no

      Have you smoked any weed recently?
      No, don’t know where to buy it

      Do you still take your anxiety pills?
      No but might start to switch from JSA to ESA

      Are you writing a private (offline) diary?


    • Nah, legal system is just shit

      The courts have up to a year to take him to court or something, until that period passes, he can’t use the internet or go back to uni


  2. Poleaboo was surviving on a diet of junk food and soda drinks in Aberdeen. is he eating healthier food now that he is back at this parents house? is he developing better relationships with his parents and siblings?


    • Which part exactly is “his fault”?

      The part where he committed his personal thoughts to writing (which he has the right to have regardless of how offensive others deem them to be)?

      The part where he was fired from McDonalds for being “weird”?

      The part where he was fired from the amusement park despite slaving away for 2 months?

      The part where he was arrested again for some crimes TBD?


      • The part where he pissed in chads milk was probably his fault

        It made me laugh and the dude probably deserved it, but Poleaboo can’t do shit like that and not expect his comeupperance


  3. Did his sisters hear about him having sexual fantasies about them sissifying him. Does he ever wank to the thought of being forced to watch his sisters take the BWC and then using his mouth to clean the throbbing tool of a real brit?


    • no he’s posting on obscure chans (banned from cuckchan) from a mobile phone whilst residing in Manchester. If you see PoleAbu referenced in the 3rd person with an air of authority THIS IS POLEABU


    • D.O.B: 25/06/????
      Town of University: Aberdeen:
      regarding my height, said I was only 5’9.5. That’s the shortest I am, never properly measured myself,
      Polish girl did say I looked 5’11,
      I weigh 11.5 stone.
      Supports Man City.

      Lives with Chinese guy and a Chad looking guy, chad rides moterbike.

      £25 for a gram over here,
      Someone on /brit/ said they heard that was the rate around here too, it’s a wealthy region

      Got a month long bus pass for £50
      week long bus pass is £18
      I live near the uni, get the bus at the stop opposite the campus every morning,
      literally only a metre tall wall separates me and violating the universities decree. Good location.

      Hometown: ??

      There’s a “shisha & sports bar” opening on Eid near my house
      I’m not coming down for Eid. Can’t be bothered with the long journey and I saw them not long ago
      Eid al-Fitr is an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide that marks the end of Ramadan,
      the Islamic holy month of fasting.
      Thu Sep 24 2015 Eid-al-Adha Muslim
      Next Eid is a couple of days before the trial.

      the journey to 7 hours from aberdeen

      whose mind does it even cross that a name contains the letter “Z”?

      Family: Pakistani “non-practising” muslims, individual of concern: non-muslim.

      Large family – two sisters, one brother, cousins, father and mother in contact.

      Sister #1: Doing teacher course, on placement (june,2015) < not youngest sister.

      Has two "little sisters"

      Work Experience: McDonalds

      Worked at Amusement park:
      The leader guy, who looks like Jeff Goldblum
      The girl who trained me made the joke, “I want my boat back” (the ride is shaped like a boat)
      More than one girl working at the park has dyed red hair including my girl
      got trained up on different ride, the log flume
      bouncy castle
      The amusement park is only open 6 months a year
      the gig at the amusement park is over in 5 weeks. July 12th 2015
      Next to me on the absolute edge is the miniature golf area and the ticket desk for it

      Interests: Hearthstone, Anime, Card games, TV series, Football, BDSM, pissing in bottles and envelopes.

      this is all I got, exclusive to this blog I dont lurk the shitstain sites he does


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