Today was a poor day in hindsight, I’m on a high after my bail ended so I really fucked up my diet. Ate porridge, 2 bananas, some yogurt, a cookie, 5 fish fingers and LOT of chicken. Tomorrow will have to be a 500 calorie day. It’s still rather warm so I don’t feel it’s safe enough to start taking DNP.

Sisters and brother went out early in the day and didn’t return until late, friends and work, so I had the place to myself as even my mother kept busy with pursuits that took her out of the home. Didn’t have to talk much. Didn’t leave the house either, next time I need to is my driving lesson, which is sometime next week, can’t remember when.

Watched some more Duel Masters, the video quality is terrible but it’s still a funny little show, it had the humour of an abridged series before that was a thing, disappointing that the game eventually folded in the west, they had some nice card designs and lore. Watched a bit of Louie too, I don’t get the love for this show or this man, his humour seems too soft, weak and American.

I bought a 3DS case, £2, from China, it’s nothing special or necessary but I want to keep it in something more pleasant to look at than the flimsy sleeve it came in. Playing Dragon Quest 7, it’s slow and not fun but it’s the 6th DQ game I’ve played so I know it’ll get better, just frustrating that it takes over an hour before I can get into monster encounters.

Hitting rank 5 on Hearthstone is trivial for me now, just grinding wins with Rogue and Priest to get golden hero portraits.

Noticed a bit of hypo-pigmentation on my face, I generally like my face but it depresses me when I think about how long laser is going to take to clear my face, especially since it hasn’t made any progress in certain areas. After I’ve finished the course of sessions I’ve booked, I think I’ll go to a more expensive place that uses a superior laser.

Doing 25mg Cypro every other day now. The Bica order hasn’t come through yet.


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