Woke up at noon, still too hot to start taking DNP.

Today was a good day, got quite a bit done. Siblings and mother left the house early and spent most of the day away, giving me the place to myself though that isn’t worth much considering I still don’t leave my bedroom. The main benefits of this to me are complete silence and complete privacy.

I was able to stick to my 500 calorie diet today, 220 for the porridge in the morning, about 150 for two small bananas and I’m not sure how much the yogurt was but I doubt it took me over 600.

Used my epilator to remove the hair on my legs again.

Watched “Godzilla: The Legend is Reborn”, it’s different from the rest of “vs” series, since there’s no opponent, not my type of thing but probably objectively better than many Godzilla films.

Played Hearthstone, got 400+ wins with every hero class now.

Played some more Dragon Quest 7, it’s slowly picking up.

Regarding the news today, I still don’t get why terrorists insist on using bombs, they barely kill anyone compared to gun attacks, even complete fuckups manage semi-respectable scores (Elliot), I know the Boston Bombers had guns, yet they went with planting bombs, killing 3 people. These people are idiots.

Still waiting for replies from uni and detective.


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