Complete blank today

Woke up early, I need to stay up later so I can wake up later, nothing good comes from waking up early, usually means more hours before I can sleep again.

Ate two small bowls of Crunchy Nut cereal, an apple and a donner on chips which I’m not proud of, probably OK calorie-wise but poor nutritionally, I was just so hungry and feeling depressed at having lost a lot of hair in the shower today. Advice I got was to wait it out, both Fin and E take a while to work their magic, or to switch to dutasteride. Guess tomorrow will have to be another 500 calorie day though it is getting cooler, hope to be using DNP by October.

Probably a good thing I left the house to go to the takeaway even if it was only for about 10 minutes. Female chav was blocking the door to the shop, I said “excuse me” and she said “sorry”, then moved. Don’t like looking at the takeaway guys severe case of balding, reminds me of my own situation. English isn’t his first language, hate how people like that have jobs (here) and I don’t, it’s not right. He’s a nice guy but he fucked up my order a bit. Nothing serious, just regarding the sauces which all pretty much taste the same anyway. Male chav was a bit mean to his kid, refusing the child some of his food.

Hair is growing slowly as hair does, only now is it crawling over my ears. Hoping to have something respectable (ear length) by the end of the year.

House to myself for most of the day again, sister and brother are obviously working, it’s a weekday.

Played a bit of Hearthstone, the end of the season can’t come soon enough, laddering to rank 5 is more fun than golden portrait grinding with classes I don’t play. Played some Dragon Quest too, game still “warming up”.

Watched a bit of Duel Masters and finished season 1 of Louie.

Got a reply from the uni, no real indication of how fast things will be progressing.

Struggling to get Bica. I’m upping my E dose to 6mg and splitting my Fin down to 1.25mg.


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