Real NEET hours

Spent most of my day playing Dragon Quest, I have finally gotten into it, I expect this to brighten my days substantially but more importantly, speed up the day. Also listened to a few pro-wrestling podcasts, it’s adequate background noise.

I’m at 152lbs, I must have been so happy about going under 150lbs a couple of weeks ago that I celebratory are my way back up again. Today I ate porridge, a large banana, a grilled chicken fillet and 5 vegetable pakoras. Should be OK, nothing to worry about but I need to start having good days soon or start taking that DNP.

Went out to ASDA at 7pm, it was darker today and it was drizzling, I felt comfortable. There was a homeless guy in the tunnel thing asking for change, he wished me a good evening when I declined to give him change, I stopped giving to panhandlers years ago, I would give up to £5, I felt it was altruistic and altruism was something to be pursued, it also made me feel better but I don’t care about that anymore, I know no one else feels the same way and that no one would give me a helping hand in that situation. I bought a 5 blade razor from ASDA and some replacement cartridges, I went with the most economical one. A old guy in a suit picked up the most expensive model, Gillette Fusion but he lurked until I left, guess he was just trying to impress me.

Bought some biotin, it’s really cheap, hopefully it’ll work (helps hair grow quicker), worried about it’s effect on body hair though.

Barely posted on 4chan, it was likely due to DQ providing a distraction more than me no longer needing it as a crutch for social interaction.


9 thoughts on “Real NEET hours

  1. You have done amazing with the weight loss.
    I find avoiding 4chan helps me get more done, but I feel much lonelier when I am not using it.
    It is good you have found a distraction.


  2. Would you rather get your boipucci smashed by a real brit (aka a White Man) or are you more inclined to let your fellow indians stretch your boihole?


  3. I don’t hate you, you know what, I think I am a neet too, just like you, I am 24 years old and I still not graduat from uni, I can’t remember was it 4 or 5 years I am stay in AUS, Until now, my WAM is bad, my English is bad. My Parents wish me to become strong but I feel like I am just more weak in my heart. I spend lots od money a year. I feel like I am nothing but a coward, becouse I am afraid to face my parents and even myself.


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