Oink Oink

I ate like a pig today, 700 calories before 3pm, realised something needed to change since I seemed to have lost my self discipline, so I have officially started taking DNP. Large pill, bit of a struggle to get it down my throat. Only 200mg, the safe dose, I don’t feel any different, haven’t started sweating yet. Fucked my diet up further by eating 10 fish fingers so I doubt I’ll see any weight loss soon, at least I didn’t go over 2000 calories….

Got a call in the afternoon, it was the CO-OP, said I passed that online assessment, now they were conducting a phone interview though that’s not what they called it. Started off well, they just talked about shifts and asked if it was full-time work that I was after but then they asked uncomfortable questions about my employment status and last job, pretty sure I already filled out their application stating that I had been unemployed for a year. Anyway after my confidence took a blow there, I was asked what I knew about the CO-OP group, I knew a bit about their founding from school but then I was asked more specifically if I knew about the divisions of the company, I was only aware of their supermarket outlets, took a guess at banking. The bitch on the other end of the phone then delivered the finishing blow when she asked me “Do you know what job you’ve applied for”. I smugly replied “Nope!” because what the fuck else could I do? She then said it was call centre thing, asked if I had experience, that it wasn’t necessary and a bit about meeting targets and the environment of the workplace. I’m not sure if it was then or when she next asked a question that I quit and hung up the phone, I was just so defeated, speaking over the phone is difficult for me under normal circumstances but against this barrage, I’m impressed I survived as long as I did.

Shaved using my new 5 blade razor, should have bought one ages ago instead of using disposables, almost went the entire shave without cutting myself, the shave might not be closer but it was easier to get a close shave.

My hair is firmly crawling over my ears now, that’s nice. Biotin arrived today due to Amazons constant free Prime trials. The package was left with a neighbour, I would have asked someone to get it for me but mummy did that without me speaking to her. Took my first dose today, heard it can improve skin too.

Bica arrived too, heard conflicting reports regarding irreversible loss of fertility, some say 3 months is the minimum time it takes, others say it’s the maximum. /lgbt/ is a  complete hugbox, keep pushing me and anyone else to transition.

Dragon Quest 7 story sections are generally too long and boring.

Driving instructor cancelled on me, booked me in for next week, then he had the cheek to try and ask if I would be up for a lesson later in the day instead. He’s always pulling this shit, he cancels my lessons because he knows he get away with pushing me around and cancels my lessons so he can accommodate his other clients. Told him to fuck off and that next week was fine, I hate driving lessons anyway.


5 thoughts on “Oink Oink

  1. OK, I can understand the gay thing. Nothing wrong with it. But what’s with the cross dressing and gender transitioning? Its self destructive. I thought you were nu right Poleaboo. That shit is degeneracy. It ain’t you dude. You’re better than that.

    Anyway, been following since day 1. Big fan. You don’t realise it, but your blog is art.

    Peace brother


    • I don’t know, it makes me feel better and now that I’ve switched from Cypro to Bica, it’s harmless.

      I do genuinely hate having body and facial hair, always have done, so getting rid of it isn’t degenerate.


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