Average day for the last year

Took my second hit of DNP but I’m still not sweating or feeling any of the other stuff I was told I’d feel. I won’t be increasing the dose, I just hope after a weeks time, I’ve lost some weight. Restricted my calories below 1000 today, it’s much easier than restricting below 500. I didn’t shower today because I heard it was dangerous to do so while on DNP (body overheating).

I remember what it was yesterday that triggered me into hanging up the phone during the interview, I was asked why I wanted the job, I had nothing so I said “because it was advertised” or something ridiculous.

Spent the early part of the day feeling angry about the slow progress of laser but then calmed down when I noticed the patch test conducted last session had actually cleared some hair.

Played some Hearthstone, 415 wins with Priest, 410 wins with Rogue. Played some Dragon Quest too, it’s still not that much fun or addictive.

Downloaded and read this weeks batch of comics, there’s absolutely nothing must-read for me, hasn’t been for a long time, I don’t like DCU Rebirth and Marvel is still trash. Civil War #5 is bad, the entire event has been bad and Bendis should be mutilated before being incinerated  but it at least held me attention, I at least want to know how it ends.

Installed Cyanogen on my phone.

Sister had a go at me again, made the hurtful remark about me never living at home for the rest of my life. Sick of my mum defending me from her, I tell her as much and then my sister defends my mum. I haven’t forgotten how abusive my mother was but clearly it’s had a different effect of my sister, one of the many reasons I hate these weak people.


4 thoughts on “Average day for the last year

  1. I am glad you are updating daily again, arguing with family is never a nice thing. It is good you don’t require anyone to stick up for you in your arguments.


    • I don’t know, thought I was trans hence I took transgender meds for almost 3 months now but doubts crept in so I bought Bica but I was convinced I was trans again but the doubt now is whether or not transitioning is a good idea


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