Daddy’s home

Dad arrived back home from Pakistan towards the end of the day, had a big smile on his face and wanted to shake my hand but he left my bedroom soon after realising that, as usual, I didn’t want to engage him in conversation, I wouldn’t ask him anything about his trip, he just asked some mundane stuff about how thinks were ticking over, I replied with one word answers. He left clearly upset and dejected. Almost felt bad for him.

I’ve gotten used to life without him around, hope he gives me space but I’m sure he’ll enter my room at least once a day and ask for a favour once a week.

4th day of DNP and I can finally feel it working, my stomach keeps screaming for food despite me having eaten almost adequately. Not taking any until Thursday/Friday now, safety first, I 4 day was rec’d for the first cycle on the guide I found and I have stressful stuff coming up, Job Centre on Monday, driving lesson on Wednesday and laser on Thursday, might even have the uni disciplinary on Friday though I’ll ask them to push it back. Also went back to eating a cucumber to stave off hunger and keep me busy, only 50 calories and take a while to finish.

Got a better idea of how to get off Cypro for good now, going to take 12.5mg doses of Cypro every other day for about a month and 50mg Bica every day for a full month to build it up in my blood then get off Cypro and start taking Bica only once every other day (or maybe buy some more if I can spare the cash and keep going daily for a while longer).

Didn’t leave the house again. Not safe to on DNP anyway. Bit of comfy rain though.

Only 2 wins on Hearthstone today. Depressing but around this time I’m just waiting for the new season anyway.

Watched the Kalos League episodes of Pokemon, worst league, Unova was pretty bad too, I don’t have high hopes for the next one.

Will download the WWE PPV tomorrow, it’ll keep my occupied for a bit.


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