Not sure what I did today

Down to 148.75lbs, not bad, 3 pounds in 5 days, better than regular dieting. No DNP today, my cycle is over, 8 days recovery is what I hear. Might lose some more but I might not since today my mother was pushing food in front of me, she seems to derive value from supplying for her family, it would be cruel to decline her meals though I have tried, she is particularly forceful with me because she knows I am trying to lose weight.

All heroes on Hearthstone now have 420+ wins, made a Rogue decks that’s both playable and fun. Grinding gold now for the next expansion, got over 1000 currently, I image I could have around 7000 by release time, so that’s 70 packs. I might try playing Heroes of the Storm again, I just want something to fill up my days, I don’t know why but my interest in Dragon Quest has gone from low to zero, I will obviously pick it up again having completed every other English release in the series.

I didn’t encounter my dad at all today, so that’s great.

Finished downloading all the Millennium series Godzilla films, not sure if I’ll watch them though.

Want to buy female clothes but I think it would be better to get to the weight I want first but also for financial reasons, I need to manage my money better, got my bennies just yesterday, a little over £130 but I spent £100 today on a KODI box, trying to cancel that purchase.

WWE Raw sucked.


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