The bastard strikes again

I had a cold during the start of the day, woke up around 10 because I had a driving lesson at 11:30am, ate porridge and a banana. 11:30am came and went but I hadn’t received a text message from my instructor telling me he was waiting outside, not shocking since he’s always a little late, regardless I decided to go outside and check if he was there, he was. So I sauntered off towards his vehicle but when I approached, I noticed that my brother was seated alongside my instructor, I just assumed that his lesson was over and mine was beginning.

I was asked, what was up and I said it was time for me lesson, he said it was 2pm and showed me his appointments book, I kept mumbling something about him having texted me that the lesson was at 11:30am (couldn’t prove it due to installing the custom rom deleted my texts), not that it mattered, I shouldn’t have spoken like that, just laughed it off and said “silly me!”. He was nice about it, all smiles, felt like an idiot, when I couldn’t hold off the negativity I would repeat out loud somewhat random words and some mean words, not sure if they are directed towards myself or others.

Today was also a day where my father decided to be a bastard again, not that he can help it, he wanted me to go to the Post Office to pay the water bill but I told him to fuck off, I hadn’t forgotten the shit he said a couple days ago. He then launched into another tirade before calming down and pretending to be nice again, the vermin actually had the nerve to ask me for the favour again after having viciously insulted me minutes ago. I told him to fuck off again and that was that.

The driving lesson went fine, another test route, I need to slow down sooner before reaching roundabouts and stuff. Kept thinking about how my father called me stupid for not having passed my driving test yet, another thing I hate about my father and I suppose my mother too is that for years they pushed me to start taking driving lessons but they never asked or understand WHY I was so reluctant to start, they don’t understand my crippling anxiety, fear of failure and fear of anything new. My mother thinkings it shyness at best and my father thinks it laziness.

Played some Hearthstone, going to use a deck tracker now, regret not using one earlier, it’s nice to keep track of my stats.

Watched WWE Smackdown, more in the background than anything, as usual.

Cancelled my order on that box.

Laser appointment tomorrow, need to shave tonight.

Went to ASDA to buy some soup, saw my sister in the park as I passed, she was on the swings.

No reply from the uni, I’ll press them tomorrow.

Still losing hair, could be stress or poor circulation.

Going to start DNP again next week, read that I don’t really need much of a break and if I eat loads of carbs I can lose everything I want to.


8 thoughts on “The bastard strikes again

  1. Will you enjoy telling your father that you’re transgender and homosexual? I imagine it will crush his soul. You should videotape the conversation and share it with your online bros


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