500 (again)

Scales red 147.5lbs today, I know weight fluctuates throughout the day but I wasn’t happy with this so I had another 500 calorie day, at porridge, a banana and two apples. Still on DNP but didn’t really feel the effects of it today, would have expected the hunger to be more intense though it still took strength to refuse an offer of a takeaway from my brother. Setting tasks distracts from the desire to eat so I took a look at the organisation of some of my comic books and re-arranged them for the sake of having something to do

Watched “Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah – Giant Monsters All Out Attack”, it’s one of the newer ones and overall I didn’t like it. It’s shot in a more modern style so that’s attractive but the monsters and destruction look hideous when CGI is used. I should have downloaded the Showa period ones instead.

Waiting for my face to get back to normal, hoping for a significant amount of hair to be lost based on its current state.

My sister leaned over and saw my laptop screen while I was doing nothing in particular, hope she didn’t spot the /lgbt/ tabs.

Regularly using a deck tracker with Hearthstone now, I enjoy seeing my stats.

Watched SNL, it wasn’t good, so same as last season and the season before that.

Displeased that City lost but they’re still top of the league so it doesn’t distress me.

Couldn’t play Dragon Quest as I couldn’t concentrate.


8 thoughts on “500 (again)

      • i think you’d have been so much happier if you were born in Pakistan and so much happier if you’d live there now. You’d have a wife, a job, and finally be normal.

        Instead you’re in a white country trying to be white, which you can never be.

        You’d be so much better off among your own people. And I know you think they aren’t your people, but they are. You’re in denial about that, and that’s why you are so miserable. Look down at the colour of your hands right now and tell me I’m wrong. I’m looking at my hands right now and they are white. So white, and good, and pure. Your hands are brown and filthy. You are a mud person with no soul.


      • I am not responding seriously to this post, clearly you’re just trying to be hurtful now with not even a vague intention of trying to help me.


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