That strange kind of “sick” feeling

Today I received the letter from the uni, formally setting the date for my misconduct hearing, the rest of it was literally just a copy and paste of a previous letter I had received. Highly optimistic about this if they’re following the letter of the law (why would they start now though?) since I haven’t breached the universities regulations exactly as they have been written out.

The regulations in short

>threatening behaviour TOWARDS others

My behaviour wasn’t threatening as it wasn’t DIRECTED TOWARDS anyone since posts were made on 4chan, somewhere where the girls wouldn’t seen them.

>being racist

Used the term “Polish whore” once, didn’t think it racist, just looking for an adjective to tag onto whore but obviously not racist since my nickname is POLEABOO.

>conduct that endangers the wellbeing of others

This is the one they’re going to screw me on since it’s vague as fuck.

Took a look at some womens check shirts and t-shirts, I’d like to buy some clothes now, rather than wait until my body is closer to the state I want it to be in. It would make me feel better about myself, I think.

I know you’re supposed to wait longer but the most recent session of laser does not look like it has gone well. I’ll just have to fork out for sessions at a place that has a Nd:YAG.

Noticed that I can become slightly erect again, Bica could be working.

146.5lbs, about the same as yesterday, I hear I can lose 5-7lbs after DNP by dropping water weight (which will take about a week) so this isn’t overly distressing, 8 days left in my cycle. Day started off well, ate porridge for breakfast and soup for lunch, a total of under 450 calories but then at night I binged on chicken my mother made, it wasn’t covered in carbs or that kind of crap like KFC but still, I had quite a lot. It disagree with my stomach and seemed to be processed quickly, in around an hour, perhaps it wasn’t digested properly?

Not doing well on Hearthstone this season.


8 thoughts on “That strange kind of “sick” feeling

  1. These accusations are just that – accusations. Nothing has been admitted. Nothing has been proven. There is zero evidence that any of these accusations are true

    Threatening behaviour towards her? – this never happened. You may have complained about her behaviour, but you never threatened her in any way. this was a misunderstanding.


    • They’re less than accusations because I’m not even sure if the uni believe them, they just wanted to appease the girls so tried to fit my crimes in with their regulations, it’s a very forced fit and I called bullshit on it as soon as they tried it but my logical arguments fell on deaf ears.


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