Busy times ahead

I emailed a laser hair clinic with a good reputation and nationwide presence, their response was fine, asked my to book a consultation so they could better examine my hair. Got a jam packed month ahead so I’m not sure when best to arrange it.

>driving lesson on the 7th
>signing on on the 10th
>uni misconduct hearing on the 12th
>GP appointment on the 17th

Getting pretty stressed now about the GP appointment, yesterday it was help that I wanted, today it’s just validation.

Trying to get back into anime but almost everything looks terrible, even going a couple of years back. All I saw today was Boku dake ga Inai Machi, One Punch Man, Prison School and JoJo part 4 are the other shows I plan to watch and finish watching soon.

Listened to a wrestling podcast while playing Dragon Quest, sunk a lot of time into it today.

145.5lbs, lowest weight I’ve been yet so I’m feeling overjoyed even though hitting below 140lbs before the end of the cycle in 6 days seems a stretch. Eating in the region of 1000 calories is a breeze now, midday is a tough period to get through but once that’s over I can get to bedtime without any problems.

I still have severe anxiety about my facial hair but I’m trying to ignore that by convincing myself I still have options and that things will work out.

Got back to winning games on Hearthstone, I’ll get the golden Warrior portrait tomorrow. Might even get all the golden heroes this month.

Dad was being nice today, gave me some t-shirts he bought from Pakiland.

Haven’t been outside in a while, think it’s been a week, my laser session.


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