Good day but uneventful

144.5lbs now, just under the UFC Featherweight limit.

Fancied a takeaway today so I went up to 400mg DNP, the place however was shut so I didn’t get the takeaway, had rice instead. Mum made the rice after I asked for it, that was nice of her.

Dad sad my room smelled, told him to fuck off. The bastard also asked for a favour again.

Played a lot of Dragon Quest 7 today while watching Louie is the background, needed help with a couple of puzzles.

Got the date of my driving lesson wrong, it’s NEXT Friday.


One thought on “Good day but uneventful

  1. No need to feel nervous around the doctor

    Treat him like a mechanic. You turn up, drop off your car (ie tell him about your problems and mental health issues) and leave everything else up to him

    Doctors and therapists have seen all this before, and much worse too


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