Yet another thing to feel anxiety over

Didn’t do anything other than play Dragon Quest and Hearthstone. Ate some rice, went up to 400mg DNP again, might end my cycle sooner due to this.

I realise now that I do need a haircut or trim, the back in is a bit of a state. Not sure if I’ll go to the possibly gay Afghan or the paki brothers barbers. The pakis aren’t idiots, last time I asked for only the hair on the back and sides to be cut, he knew I was trying to grow it out, the Afghan can be very rude but he considers himself a hairdresser, not a barber. I’ll probably go to the pakis since English is their first language. Not sure what I’ll say, “I’m trying to grow my hair out so can you shorten the back and the sides?”, I say ‘shorten’ because I’m not sure how short I want it or if the word ‘trim’ is appropriate. I hope they don’t cut it too high up.

The JSA people are going to do a home visit in a couple of weeks, check that my benefits are adequate, it’s a random thing apparently and nothing to worry about.


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