Incompetent vermin

I woke up nice and early, just before 10am and went to the barbers to get my hair sorted out, I have enough there for a pixie cut, it just needs to be tidied up a bit. Shower and head out, bit warmer today than usual. There were 4 or 5 people waiting ahead of me at the barbers once I arrived but another 10-15 arrived while I was waiting, it was a paki barbers and all the customers were pakis, seeing them made me feel, I’m not sure, I didn’t like their beards or their haircuts (all had short back/side with varying amounts on top), even their clothes were uniform, I guess I felt that I’m glad I’m not like them anymore and that my physical state could have been worse if I had chosen to transition later.

There was a little girl running around with her mother, she was a year old, perhaps, I liked it when she bumped into me and held me for support, nice to feel another human being.

There were 3 barbers and 3 of the barbers friends jumped the queue, one of them was an imam, he probably gets free housing, other financial benefits and now he doesn’t even need to wait in line for a haircut, I don’t think he even paid. I was waiting for about an hour, the heat made me worry because I was on 400mg DNP but everything turned out fine.

Once it was my turn to get my hair cut, I told the barber that I wanted it shorter on the back and the sides and to leave the hair growing from the top of my head untouched. The idiot then started cutting the hair that was growing over my ears, told him to stop that and explained myself again, he said “oh, like an undercut”, then he got the sides right, I suppose, he ran the machine over the sides while lifting my hair. That was the easy part. With the back, I suppose he had no idea what to do so he tidied up the very bottom and that was it, the main reason I wanted a haircut was to get the bottom cleaned up but couldn’t even do that right, I think I may have physically grabbed the area that I wanted untouched (the top part of the back of my head) but he still didn’t understand what part to cut. He offered to “even it up” a bit with scissors though I’m not sure what he actually did, probably made it worse. It lasted less than 5 minutes, I paid £7 and that was probably the easiest money he’s ever made.

Never going back there. Might try getting the possibly gay Afghan to sort it out tomorrow.

Having some issues with body hair growth, could just be the Biotin but since I stopped using Cypro it seems to be growing back faster. Might get off Bica, I don’t feel like it’s working for me as well as Cypro was though I know I need to give it more time to build up.

Mum made spaghetti bolognaise today, I hope the 400mg DNP cancels it out, I’ll end my cycle tomorrow. I can only hope the lose of additional water weight takes me close to 140lbs.


8 thoughts on “Incompetent vermin

      • I don’t hate you Poley. I just think that the way you behave isn’t suitable for this country.

        Unlike a lot of people on 4Chan, I believe that people of South Asian origin like yourself can be integrated into British society. I know a lot of people who have done this and I consider them fully British. But you are so far away from this.

        The way you act (spitting in things and stalking women) the things you post on 4chan, especially on /SP/ (you know what I am referring to), and the fact you proudly sponge off Great British taxpayers is profoundly un-British. It is, for lack of a better word, complete paki behaviour. Yes, you may be able to find British people who do one or all of these things, but the fact remains that these things are normal in Pakistani culture and not in our culture.

        Being British isn’t about voting for Brexit or putting a St. George’s Cross on your wall. You’ve got a long way to go before you are British. The first step is to admit that the way you have acted is abhorrent to British sensibilities and put in the hard work to change.

        Or else you can just go back to Pakistan, where you can spit wherever you like, support whatever radical islamic atrocities you want, and never be able to share a flat with a woman you aren’t married to or related to because they know what kind of disgusting things you’d do to violate her right to privacy.


    • The uni, I suppose, they’re the ones who kept stirring the pot, pushing the police to fuck me. Though detective is pretty corrupt too.

      My parents could also be blamed but that depends how deep you want to go.


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