I’m probably going to kill him

Bastard father asked me for a favour, wanted me to call his insurance again, I hurled some abuse at him but eventually did what he wanted. After I complete the call he demanded I get a haircut, called me stupid, a dickhead, an embarrassment and some other crap, repeatedly. His opinions are worthless, he doesn’t dress or cut his hair for himself, he does it for the sake of other people, too bad he can’t tell they think he’s a common paki from his lawnmower haircut and sportswear. Though, he probably wants to be seen as a common paki.

Told him that I liked my hair and that I was growing it out, this obviously didn’t mean anything to him as I just explained as “no one else wears their hair like that”. I hate the paki mentality of uniformity, the last thing I want it to be like them, to look like I just came out of the clone factory, I don’t want to dress like them or keep my hair like them. I am special and I should show it.

Signed on at the JobCentre, took 10 minutes today as I arrived 5 minutes early. White guy called me “fam”, on my way back home.

No reply from the laser place which is odd, don’t know why they stopped replying to my emails, I’ll just have to contact them afresh via the form on their website instead of directly emailing them.

DNP cycle was supposed to end today but I felt I ate too much so I took 200mg to level things off, will stop tomorrow instead.

Watched WWE No Mercy, it was OK, hate that Dolph Ziggler is still with the company, he’s a talentless hack who has been given 10+ pushes by now.

Played some more Dragon Quest, should get A LOT done on the train on Wednesday and Thursday. Might download Yokai Watch if I fancy a change of pace.


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