The Kindness of Strangers

Woke up around 10am today, ate porridge. Sometime later in the day I went to the bank to ask for printouts of my bank balance, I needed them to send to the DWP who were asking for an update to my situation. Once I got out, I wanted to stay out, it was raining, I felt comfortable so I took a short walk further into town to CEX, took a very short browse of the video games, no intention to buy anything, then I left and went back home.

I was trying to restrict calories again today but I didn’t know what to replace my usual meals/snacks with so I ended up getting so hungry that I bought a takeaway, donner and chip. Felt disgusting afterwards and during, if I’m honest. Hopefully the damage won’t be excessive since the only other thing I ate today was a banana.

A kind anon on /r9k/ gave me a code for £15 on, I bought 10x booster packs for £3.99. It’s the nicest thing anyone has done for me in a long time, so long I can’t remember anything kinder. I tried to express my gratitude but what could I say apart from “Thank you” repeatedly? He told me a little about himself, he’s 27, an ex-NEET and seems to have had a rough time of it until (repeated 3rd year of uni 3 time) he made it recently when someone got him a job, hard to determine though if it’s really hellish or really comfy (he has a 3am 500 mile drive). The only thing to really spend the rest of the cash on is an alternate hero (who I will probably never use), I’ll wait a while, see if a new one is released since I’m not crazy about any of the existing ones, I maybe prefer Alleria to Rexxar. It feels good to know there are such wonderful people in the world but it does not reinstate my faith in humanity, I know the bulk of them are much more like those I encountered during my time while studying (and on bail).

Went to ASDA, a classic night walk, bonus points since it was raining too. I can get used to this, walking definitely makes me feel better but buying something from the supermarket every day will surely strain my wallet. Today I bought I couple of tins of sardines (cheap protein), 8 tubs of Activia yogurt (discount was on) and a couple of other yogurts due to them having their prices cut. I dropped one of the yogurts since I chose not to collect a basket at the entrance, a woman picked it up for me, I thanked her, she responded. Another bit of kindness in this bleak existence. DNP cycle starts tomorrow, cutting the carbs out during that period outside of porridge since I think oats are the good kind of carbs.

The laser place got back to me yesterday, everything is fine, booked in for Saturday. Bica apparently increases photosensitivity though so I’m taking Cypro again but with Bicas long half life, I don’t think that makes a difference.

Big news today that got me excited was that I might be onto a job, it just sorta fell into my lap. I ended up on a lot of job websites mailing lists due to having applied to so many vacancies but I thought I had gotten them all into the spam filter but one slipped through yesterday, it was a recruitment agency and this was the first email I ever received from them, I guess they must have recently been sold my email address. It was for Xmas temp work, starting early November. I called them today, no answer, then I called them again 45 minutes later, got a response this time. They handed me over to some woman with an accent I couldn’t determine, didn’t seem like a nice one. Told me that they had 2 shifts, 2pm-10pm and 10pm-6am, they pay 7.70 for the night shift, 50p more will add up, no doubt..24 quid a week, 200 quid extra by the end of it if I go for the night shift if I work 2 months. That’s all I was really today, also 9.70 for working Saturdays (Mon-Sat shifts, 6 days working = more money). Bit of a problem though, I have to come in and register with them in a location that will take 2 trains to reach. I’m just waiting for a call from a colleague of the woman I spoke to, I’ll get details on the registration process, the call hasn’t come in today though, might call them again tomorrow.

I’m already fantasising about working there, I imagine myself much more chipper than I likely will be.

3 cups of green tea today. I love it, not the taste but having something warm to drink and it takes a while to consume, it’s comfy and takes me away from the hunger for a while.

Watched WWE Raw, Goldberg returned, it was underwhelming, thought he looked old and hence silly.

Gave myself a Sonic profile pic on my blog (I struggle to think of things that I like, it was either the autism mascot or the Man City logo), customising personal spaces is fun and there’s another element to it that I can’t quite describe, it makes me feel as if this is really mine and makes it feel like a real home. I decorated my bedroom with flags and a poster a short while ago too and today I also forged closer ties with my laptop by registering my email accounts with Windows 10 and setting up a calendar (After I put up the real stuff like laser, signing on and the DWP home visit, I added trivial stuff like UFC and WWE PPVs).

Sent an email to the women who conducted my misconduct hearing, it was just me laying down my logical arguments within the framework they had set up (again). I am certain they have decided to expel me so it can’t hurt to get a little extra defence in before it’s formalised.


17 thoughts on “The Kindness of Strangers

  1. This eating donner and chips thing is ridiculous.

    If you want I’ll write you out a meal plan of easy things when I have time. Would be interesting to see if you stick to it or even attempt it.


    • I can’t cook and I have financial limits. Trying a new diet today though, hopefully it will be my best yet.

      Also, give me some credit, I did get down to 143.5lbs from over 170lbs


      • Everybody can cook if they have internet. I was raised on frozen food and takeaway and can do some decent shit nowadays simply from googling recipes. If any terminology is unfamiliar, google it.


      • OK Poley, here is your meal plan. Very little cooking involved. Not expensive stuff. Very simple. I think you can do it.

        You eat the same thing every day. Here’s your shopping list

        Red onions
        Bell peppers
        White onion
        Bay leaves
        Chilli flakes
        Olive oil
        Balsamic vinegar

        Breakfast: Sardine Bowl – Chop up half a red onion into tiny pieces. Look at a youtube tutorial if you can’t manage. Do the same with half a bell pepper, any colour is fine. Drain the oil out of a tin of sardines. Put it all in a bowl and mash together. Eat

        Lunch: Chicken Salad – Take a chicken breast. Dust it with cumin and chilli flakes. Grill it until it’s white all the way through. Cut into small pieces. Take some baby spinach. Wash in a colander and dry with kitchen paper. Chop roughly. Chop up a whole bell pepper. Chop up half a red onion. Put all the veggies and chicken in a bowl. Drizzle with balsamic vinegar and a teaspoon of olive oil. Salt and pepper. You can cook the chicken breasts in a batch to make it quicker for you. Cooked chicken will last in the fridge for about 4-5 days.

        Dinner: Easy Carrot Soup: Get a large pot. Chop a white onion. Chop a leek (again, look for youtube tutorials) Wash the leek after it’s chopped in a colander. Cut the top (green bit) off 1 KG of carrots. Peel the carrots and chop into small pieces. Put the leek and the onion into the pot with 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Cook on full heat until the onion gets slightly brown at the edges. Put in the carrots, then pour in water until it covers the carrots. Put in one bay leaf, one tablespoon of cumin, and one tablespoon of chilli flakes, salt and pepper. Keep on full heat until the water boils, then turn the heat down to the lowest setting. Cook for 30 minutes.

        At this point you need a hand blender. If you don’t have one at home then you can buy one from ASDA for not much more than a tenner. They look like this:

        Take the pot off the heat and use the hand blender to puree the veggies and turn it into a soup.

        There you go Poley, a great diet that will serve you well. It’s healthy and a lot cheaper than donner and chips.

        If you don’t even try this, then you are a cunt and you have wasted my time. I am friends with ScotAnon AKA Brad Betchley. If I see that you have tried this meal plan and you have respected my time, then I’ll stop him from doing his latest plan to keep ruining your life. But if you disrespect me and waste my time, then I will join him. The choice is yours.


      • The sardine bowl sounds easy and tasty but the others are too difficult and chicken isn’t cheap enough.

        Thanks though, I will certainly eat the sardine bowl at some point, it’ll be a replacement for my usual lunch (stick to porridge for breakfast)


  2. Too difficult? You fucking pathetic cunt, they are as easy as fuck. No wonder your life is in such a mess. And to think you blame others for this, you lazy fucker.


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