Headscarves & Buzzcuts

The JSA/DWP guy was scheduled to arrive today so I woke up at 9am (his visit would be sometime between 9am-1pm), however on re-reading the letter from DWP, I realised that I had forgotten obtain bank statements, I hurriedly did this and was back him around 10:30am. There was a knock at the door, my brother and father both went for it and I shouted at them, “Is it going to be someone for you?” before sitting back down and continuing to play Hearthstone. It was, ofcourse, the DWP man at the door and he was asking to speak to me, my dad spoke to his in his pathetic, broken, English and indicated that I was in the living room. I shouted at my dad again the presence of the DWP man. I was asked for my passport and that was all. Turns out this was all a ruse, he was actually here to notify me that someone had made a claim against me, suggesting that I was committing benefits fraud, not a complete surprise as the offending party posted the Vocarro of their call on /r9k/. I explained how I was a member of a message board and we sometimes play pranks on each other, signed off a document stating as much and then he fucked off but not before issuing a warning about the DWPs resources.

I ate terribly today so had to take 400mg DNP to stop any weight gain and perhaps more importantly, to placate myself. Didn’t help though since DNPUK is down, I have only 8 more capsules on hand, trying to contact other suppliers, my only response so far has been someone from Asia. Becoming fatigued so I know it’s working. Went to ASDA at night again, despite not being a long trip, I struggled due to the tiredness DNP brought about. I purchased red onions and red peppers in order to make a sardine bowl as was suggested to me. The mass of humanity I saw in ASDA disgusted me as usual, the paki women were all wearing headscarves, were overweight and looked inbred, the men also overweight all had buzzcuts with the exception of younger worker in the store who had the one other haircut pakis have.

Played the Pokemon Sun/Moon demo, it looks nice, graphically, that always makes these games feel like a fresh experience.

Chatted to a Steam friend again.

Youngest sisters were mean to me again when I left me room.


8 thoughts on “Headscarves & Buzzcuts

  1. what makes poley a piece of shit?

    taking video of a girl popping a turd (lol), because he had a sneaky squirt in his flatmate’s ribena (lol)? does this really even matter? has it changed their life for the worse? he hasn’t physically hurt anyone has he? he hasn’t stolen from the poor or beat a homeless man to death. so why such judgment bro?


  2. I’m convinced this blog will be read and spoken about years from now. it’s high art. such raw unadulterated pathos. its made a greater cultural impact already than you shitty existence has or ever will, Munich you dumb faggot


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