oink oink?

Sister quizzed me over my weight loss, saying that I should go to the gym because “who wants to be skinny?”. I didn’t really give her an answer, just said that I wanted to lose another 8lbs before considering it. Also was told that I should buy new clothes.

Laser patch test went fine, different technician this time, had to wait a few minutes. Bit awkward when she wanted me to bite on my upper lip so she could patch test that area, I’m not sure that is the best technique. Bit awkward too when it was over, I was waiting for her to gather up her stuff and guide me out and I suppose the questions she shot me weren’t ideal either, seemed repetitive, so my answers were too. Once again, it’s a proper place and I look forward to starting treatment there, will call up on Monday and hopefully I’ll be able to get a session booked the same week.

Down to 143lbs, somehow, certainly this is my lowest weight of all time, I guess I used it as an excuse to eat poorly again, it’s not like I’m exceeding 2000 calories so the damage is minimal though most of what I eat is carbs. Felt the need to get right back on DNP after my laser appointment. 400mg, it’s getting results. Mum is pushing me eat, she’s my greatest obstacle when it comes to weight loss.

Begun downloading My Little Pony, say a review of a related comic book and I enjoyed the imagery.

When I went out, dysphoria was obviously triggered, it happens every time, it doesn’t need to be stated at this point.

Did 100 squats today, did the same yesterday, doubt it makes much difference but it makes me feel less stressed about my diet.

Watched the current series of The Apprentice, the paki guy represents everything I hate about the race/culture though it’s good to see a paki among the big characters this year, heck, he’s probably the biggest character on the show.

Played Hearthstone, rank 4, don’t seem to be able to break into rank 3, might push again tomorrow. Golden Portrait farming isn’t going well either, not that it matters, all I want is a win here and there, crawl to my goal, I’m so close now it won’t take long.


17 thoughts on “oink oink?

    • My mother was born here, it’s her first language.

      In school though she’d pretend she didn’t speak English so that she could hang out with the other pakis and do colouring classes.


  1. Are you proud that you’ve gone from being a decent lad who worked hard at uni and had a job, into a perverted underweight transsexual NEET who spends all day playing videogames and watching my little pony and dislikes the family that provides everything for him?


    • I never really had a job until after I was arrested (My industrial placement was paid but it wasn’t a real job)

      I wish

      nope, I have no sex drive

      But to seriously answer, your question, I’m not happy with how my life is, I haven’t made a secret of how I feel. I’ve tried to improve things but it’s not working, it’s like banging my head against a brick wall, after a point I need to ask myself when I bother.


      • Your attempt to “improve things” has resulted in you becoming a balding he/she.

        You need to get right with God. All of this is meaningless, nihilism, solipsism, and in your case, pride unchecked by humility.


      • Suffering is how people learn. I bet you’ve never put your hand on a stove to “see what it feels like,” have you?

        It’s just another excuse though, isn’t it?


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