I wish something would happen

Watched X-Men Apocalypse, it wasn’t good but I enjoyed watching it at least, it was better than Batman v Superman, that’s for sure. SNL was better than usual this week.

Didn’t eat well again but still not a disaster, 143.25lbs and took 400mg DNP, really worried now as I’m almost out, only got 3 caps of 200mg left.

Not really keeping track of when the uni expulsion is due but should be next week.

Got some more Hearthstone wins, 455+ wins with each class.

I’ll call the laser clinic tomorrow, perhaps to book a course of treatments.

Dads refund from the insurance came in, hopefully he’ll leave me alone for a while.

Driving lesson and signing on tomorrow.


10 thoughts on “I wish something would happen

  1. Do you want to know why these imposters work poleaboo
    Because you act like a twat all the time.

    You cant keep up using your trip because you fucked yourself with all the ban evading and people would report you as soon as they know for sure.

    When it’s not about you and people are having discussions and have an opinion you dont like fedora posting because you dont have an arguement same goes for your massa shit

    You say you use both for direct and indirect racism
    you massa shit can be seen as racist it’s self
    and multiple times you use your fedora posting on non racial topic and more of a I dont like this tool.

    The Imposters win because you do these thing plus, when you do make a stupid post you either delete it or claim it was someone else ( when it was actually you)

    Your way past repairing that.

    There has been more Orginal content thanks to your “fakes” than you have added in the past year (vocaroos, the new how poleaboo behaves pic )

    people can tolerate and ignore your shitty blog posts in the thread but you go out of your way to stir shit (as mentioned above)

    I like your blog but dislike you as a poster tbh


    • I’ll make the imposters disappear when I need to. When something big happens and I need to report it, I’ll drown out the fakes.

      I don’t agree with your opinion that I act smug, I really don’t unless it’s to take down someone attacking mw


      • People where talking about british politics, your name did not come up. fedora posting for at least 6 + posts it only stopped when they stopped talking and started insulting you.

        Then someone asked if you stopped throwing a tantrum
        you replied yes now they have stopped talking about what I dont like.

        Or as always was that a fake poleaboo post?
        >it’s to take down someone attacking mw
        You have clearly shown that to be wrong on multiple occasions.

        you’d be able to trip all the time if you took your ban evasion ban ( 30 days i think ) but I think you have a need for that place and the attention


      • I haven’t been banned for a while so I’m effectively serving my ban

        As for the fedora posting, it’s the imposter or just someone trying to frame me


  2. your mother sounds OK. You’re angry with her because she allows your father to walk all over her, but she’s just playing the cards she was dealt dude, her children (yes – including you) are her priority. You’re mad now but I think you’ll see things more from her perspective when you’re older


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