Just stick an apple in my mouth and roast me

I ate poorly but not terribly until my mother revealed that she had bought an Arizona’s burger meal for me. It would have been rude to turn it down. 2500+ calories for the day, a complete nightmare, all this progress lost over the course of a week. 1 DNP cap left, I’m going to have to go back to hovering around starvation mode now. I feel disgusting, distressed and my goals seem so far away.

Got a call from one of the jobs I applied to today, it sounded pretty easy, the type of job where I don’t need to pass an interview, just prove I’m legal, one hiccup though, they want 5 years of employment history, problem there apart from that I’ve worked for less than 1 year in my entire life is that I sent them a fake CV. I might be able to bluff it, give them some phone numbers, they may not check any or they might just check one or they might not be able to get into contact with anyone relevant and just give up. Work starts Monday, 6 day shifts, will make driving lessons and laser a bit tricky. I think this was a full time position and the site is in walking distance. I turn up to the registration thing on Wednesday.

Went to ASDA to restock my porridge supply, they didn’t have my favourite flavour though. Some junkies were hanging around outside my house (all white), they were waiting for a friend because they’d scored, didn’t own a mobile phone with credit though, priorities of these people. They asked if they could use my phone, I said I wasn’t carrying, they left me alone.

Need to call the laser clinic to book a course of treatments and I need to call the other laser clinic to cancel.

460+ wins with all classes on Hearthstone, I’ll probably get golden portraits for them all before the next expansion drops in 6+ weeks time.

Watched Last Week Tonight, not funny this time.

By popular request, a list of things I most hate about pakis

>Don’t learn English
>Dress as if they’re still in Pakistan
>Have 5 kids, whenever they leave the house they have all of them in tow at once
>The women walk funny
>They worship white people when confronted by them (customers, social situations etc)
>Force their kids into specific “respectable” careers such as Pharmacy
>Don’t encourage their kids to revise, brush their teeth, eat healthy etc because they don’t know anything about such concepts
>The women have no self-respect or spine, they worship men
>The men worship their mothers and view all other women as trash
>The men revere their fathers despite he having likely raped their precious mothers
>The men remain infantile (stunted maturity and emotional growth) for a prolonged period of time (often indefinitely), the women always remain infantile
>The importance they place on religion, superstitions and cultural rituals
>They consider themselves Muslims first, Pakistani second and British third
>They have a rapist like mentality, they think they deserve everything just for being nice and get aggressive when they don’t get it and try to forcefully obtain what they desire
>They’re expert leaches, getting jobs in the NHS and council to further dry up our public services
>They’re in constant competition with each other despite having shit (my TV is bigger than yours, my 3,000 quid car is better than yours etc) and that’s how they treat their friends
>Shame culture
>Blame avoidance culture and refusal to take responsibility, don’t think it wrong to try weaselling out of consequences etc.
>Pride in stupid shit like going to the mosque more often (and using this to shame others)


6 thoughts on “Just stick an apple in my mouth and roast me

  1. hi i dont know about all the rest but if you r trying to lose weight you should probably do a bit of exercise. im not sure if you already are but if u arent some brisk walking or milder cardio is still very good for you. big fan of ur blog man. still keeping it real.


  2. Hey Poleaboo, just curious about what would your response be if your parents and/or sister happened to find all your pills and girl clothes??


    • They’d probably ignore it, just like everything else. At most they’d ask some weak question and accept whatever weak excuse I give them.

      Pretty sure though my mother (and sister) found some girl clothes hidden in my room when I was a young teen, they said nothing


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