A productive day

First thing I did today was call the laser clinics, arranged an appointment with one (3 weeks time), awkward getting a time since I might be employed soon and am unsure of my shifts. With the other clinic I cancelled, hung up after I said I didn’t want to reschedule and before she could finish her sentence.

Job interview tomorrow, got another interview too on Friday, turns out they’re both for the same job, the interview tomorrow is via an agency and the Friday interview is with the company itself. I’ll attend both, get one or the other or hopefully the one directly with the company so I can retain my entire wage. Had to rush off to the JobCentre to print off and scan a bunch of documents, I spoke well to the security guy there who helped me out. I felt proud because I felt he was proud that I found employment. In preparation for tomorrow I also had to get some passport sized photographs, asked for change to use the booth at the post office. The pics turned out quite nice after I sorted out my hair, the bright flash made my skin look lighter, amazing how much of a difference that makes to attractiveness.

Called that other recruitment agency for the third time, ignored again.

I came downstairs for a bit, my sister (the nicest one) went on at me again about my weight, she said that I’d lost too much, my face looks anorexic and “not like a man”, my legs have become too thin and her advice was that I need to put weight on, go to the gym and bulk up. She just couldn’t understand why someone would want to be the way I am, “who wants someone skinny?”, I explained that I wasn’t doing it for others, I was doing it for myself. She didn’t let up though, her words weren’t hurtful, I took them as compliments and she seemed to be trying to help. Regarding my weight though she is wrong and deluded, I’m not 100% what my height is 5’8-5’10 but my current weight is too heavy, my sister believes 170lbs is the norm. I am upset though that I am losing weight from my face and not my tummy.

144lbs and didn’t eat brilliantly (again), went to ASDA to buy apples, bananas and a cucumber.

Watched WWE Raw, it wasn’t even worth generating any kind of opinion.

Might jump on and get a free Crunchyroll and Netflix trial again.

Out of DNP, threw the last cap away, it looked compromised. I’ll try losing weight normally for a while.

465+ wins with all classes on Hearthstone. Got golden Shaman.

Need to increase my E dose, supposed to do it slow, not sure if I’ll wait for the 4 month mark or the 5 month mark. Maybe even 6.


5 thoughts on “A productive day

  1. Fuck off you piece of subhuman garbage, I already had a bad day and went online to discuss VIDEO GAMES on an imageboard sub-section dedicated to VIDEO GAMES, not your unimportant bullshit. “b-but I needed a place to vent” yeah apparently you do but WHY in the world did you have to do it in a place dedicated ot VIDEO GAMES? Why bother? You’re tired aren’t you? You know what to do next


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