The countdown begins

It came in, I’m officially expelled.


I still have an appeal but from what I’ve read, the principal can just can it before it reaches the student appeals committee. I’ll give it a go but the grounds for appeal are quite limited, I’d struggle even if the process was fair, there is one ace I have though, I’ve been holding it back until the last minute due to the possibility of it backfiring. I haven’t been treated fairly thus far and no reason to believe things will change now.

Here is the bit that applies to me.

There is substantial evidence that:

  • (a) was not previously known to the Head of School at the time of the Misconduct Hearing; or
  • (b) demonstrates a penalty is disproportionate; or
  • (c) the criteria used to determine a proportionate penalty, as contained in paragraph 10.1 of the Student Misconduct Procedure, were not appropriately applied. (in my case this would be claiming the severity & scale of the misconduct was overstated, the stage of the course and my previous misconduct/behaviour.)

Other news today is that I signed up with that recruitment agency and should be working an Xmas temp job by Monday, opted for the night shift, 10pm to 6am. I was in a rush in the morning, didn’t take my E until 2pm, in a sour mood on the trip to the agency, squeezed in front of an old woman on the train when getting off, she tried pushing me, I pushed back, she repeatedly called me ignorant, I said “No one cares” and “And you’re old and you’ll be dead soon”.

Cis women triggered me, also considering the fact that any tall woman could be trans and am comparing myself to them, depressing.

Obviously felt distressed after learning I was expelled so I ate a donner and chips.

Not going into much detail about my day because it should be clear how I feel, I might not update this blog again until the end, might just make some videos and upload them, need the normies to understand why I made all the decisions I have, they prefer to watch/listen to read. Also don’t want to say something that’ll get me v&.


20 thoughts on “The countdown begins

  1. is there any chance the polish lady could write a short letter to the vice chancellor on your behalf? I think it would go a long way to convincing him not to expel you


  2. Poley you shoud try and talk with de polish girl, put your life on it!! I know it seems imposible to get HELP from her, but if you tell her that your life depends of her, that uni is your only way out and only possible future, that you are suicidal and a few words from her could change that… I don’t know, cry a little! It’s your most secure chance. Do everything you can to contact her, or tell your sister to do it (the one who cares about your weight and everything)


    • Tried contacting via facebook, got blocked, if I attempt to contact her again, that’s enough for another stalking charge.

      I theorised during the early days that she was a bad person, she would have tried to help me earlier otherwise.


      • Your sister can try contacting her via facebook… as a last attemp. Yeah if she knows that someome got expelled because of her and do shit about it, she is a bad person


      • That’s not a good idea, I could still see myself getting into trouble for that more than likely she will just ignore it. She just wants to forget I exist.


      • You’re calling other people “bad” in the comments to a post in which you scream at old people that they should die.

        You think people should be nice to you not because of your virtues and behavior but become of some innate goodness that you see in yourself even now, and even beyond all of the insults. People don’t see it, though, and that frustrates you and causes you to behave even more atrociously.


      • The old woman called me a name first, I didn’t say she should die, just observed that she will die soon.

        I think everyone should be nice to everyone. Those who aren’t nice are bad people.


      • “People” excludes yourself, apparently. Throughout this blog you’ve called them cucks, betas and losers.

        I’m not trying to prove anything to you, Poley, I’m trying to make you realize that you’ve imprisoned yourself in your highly autistic mind. In a sense it’s not your fault that you are there. It is your fault that you stay there.


  3. So what’s next Poley?

    You have a diploma and a small income. Can you put all this bad shite behind you and pivot onto a new story arc?

    Those britfeel swine are total scum. The readers of your blog are your friends. We want the story to continue, for better or worse.


  4. You must return to Pakistan. You do not have the genetics for British culture. You are a paki, not British. There is no shame in accepting this. You are hurting yourself and others by trying to force yourself to be something you’re not.


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