I should start working on that appeal soon

I spent the early part of today watching kids shows on Netflix (The first season of Pokemon, the first season of Power Rangers, Goosebumps), got MLP in the queue. Trying to shower less to improve my skin but I feel so unclean in the morning, I can’t help it. Found two or three episodes I didn’t see as a kid. Watching nostalgic programs usually makes me upset, I hate thinking of the past but this brought out some joy in me.

Don’t know why I did but I played Hearthstone on standard today, got to rank 3 playing Tempo Mage, maybe if I’d swapped decks earlier I could have made legend. 480+ wins with all classes. Opening a bunch of packs when the new expansion launches is still the only happy moment I can project in my future.

Some anxiety over my hair not being as long as I’d like, it’s definitely growing well at the back but not at the sides, I fucked up going to the barber last month (or was it earlier this month?). I’m probably going to have a mullet at some point even though I took some mild action to avoid it.

Tried on some of the clothes I bought from Forever21, I didn’t really account for women having higher waists so I can’t pass these off as male clothes, maybe the plaid shirts. The mens skinny jeans looked OK on me except that my figure looked more feminine in them due to my thighs.

My mother and father were walking around each other, not talking as usual, this angered me. I could hear my father making retching sounds, just like he does every morning, disgusting, my mother had a scowl on her face and I was also angry at her, why didn’t she leave him if she hates it so much? Why did she let her children suffer too?


4 thoughts on “I should start working on that appeal soon

  1. You really don’t get it, do you Poley?

    Your father is like you. He feels entitled to treat his family however he wants, just as you feel entitled to treat people how you like. All of the things you’ve done to harm others? You justify it, you feel like it’s fair. Your father does the same thing in his head.

    This is the Pakistani way. You’re cut from the same cloth, don’t you see? You are the same as your father in so many ways, and everyone can see it except you.

    You can try to run, but you can’t hide from what’s inside of you.


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