Let it end, please

Had another fight with my dad and I’m beginning to think that I’m the problem. I thought he was asking for something and I threw a tantrum, threw the food I had onto the floor and kicked it. My dad has picked up this habit where he starts slapping his head loudly when he gets angry. The man showed some concern despite this and offered to buy me more food.

My head feels strange, I don’t like the feeling, I want it to stop, I don’t think getting back into university will make it stop. I’m not sure what I can do to make myself feel better since it’s so hard to define what I feel so I have nowhere to begin when trying to figure out why I feel the way I do. These feeling were aggravated after the argument with my father.

Went out to get a takeaway. It’s incredibly cold now, I don’t want to go outside, my fantasies of becoming a vagrant are dead. At the burger place I was unfamiliar with I asked for the first burger on the menu (a cheese burger), when what I really wanted was a chicken burger.

I enjoyed watching Man City defeat Barcelona yesterday, I’ve seen the opposite happen so many times now.

Been eating poorly for weeks now, must be using the incoming DNP as an excuse.

I think I’ll feel better or at least different after my next laser appointment, I have high hopes.

There’s a job vacancy at one of the fast food franchises near my house, it’s popular, paki run but there’s a white guy working there. I don’t know why but I’d feel uncomfortable enquiring about the vacancy, I think they’ll lean towards hiring someone younger anyway.


10 thoughts on “Let it end, please

  1. Got to check here because the Fakes are out of control and you wont 1. Trip (because you’ll get banned for ban evasion) 2. Time stamped pics

    Is the Terry Arc real

    Are you no longer agnostic and now a muslim ( following sharia law)?

    If it’s all fake you need to get it under control ways to do that
    1.trip after the ban is up
    2. Time stamp pic with your posts
    3. cut off from posting on 4chan all together and have your blog as your primary communication tool. you can still lurk.


  2. I think you are feeling guilty, cause your dad AT SOME POINT is worried and trying to help you. Anyway, I think you could go to a good therapist. Clearly you are not making any effort to go back to uni, it seems like you dont want to.


  3. do you think Terry is reporting back to your father on your conversations with him?

    is he secular or radicalized (ie what are hia views of western liberalism and the Islamic caliphate)?

    long time reader. love your work and looking forward to the next arc


  4. What is your relationship with Anonymously Autistic “Anna”

    You made a post last night claiming you were friends and that she sent you a picture. I didn’t see any imposter! or fake poleaboo post so I assumed it was real


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