Nothing is happening

I didn’t leave the house today, didn’t post much either. Unfortunately though I’m still eating more than I should. The most eventful thing I did today was dressup in my new clothes, take some pics and share them. I thought I didn’t look terrible, still go a way to go, need to lose some tummy fat and try and get some to go to my hips. Some compliments were received, got told that in terms of my body at least I’m looking more androgynous (already knew that).

Tried to watch some Netflix, there were shows that seemed interesting but I didn’t have the motivation to watch anything scripted, went for a documentary, Last Chance U, African American teens playing American football, nothing special, the way these “kids” behave and the patience shown to them puzzles me.

Went on a 11 game losing streak on Hearthstone trying to get a win with my Renolock deck. 10 Wins away from golden Warlock, 4 wins from golden Rogue, 4 wins from golden Mage and 15 from golden Priest. I’m struggling with Warlock so I might push it to one side and I also intend to ladder on Wild with Priest but I’ll probably still get them all gold this season.

Nothing seems to be happening, I don’t want this to be my life, I can see how easy it would be to fall into the trap of thinking I’m living a comfortable life and nothing needs to change, after the expulsion is absolutely final I need to act quickly.


18 thoughts on “Nothing is happening

  1. 1. Wake up in the morning an hour earlier than you want to.
    2. Get on your knees and thank God. This will give you grounding for the day.
    3. Get on your stomach and exercise. This will start your day with a feeling of accomplishment.
    4. Follow the diet suggested by Munich Airport. This will keep you from binging on shitfood because you’re hungry.
    5. Throw away your fag pills. This will keep you from walking further down this corridor of isolation and social ostracism past the point of no return.

    From there the day is yours.


    • He’ll never follow the diet I suggested. Grilling a chicken breast and chopping vegetables is too challenging for him for him to even attempt. I don’t understand it.

      The rest of your post is also good advice. I fear he will never follow it. Even if he did just three of the things on your list every day, it would transform his life. But he really can’t be bothered. And he’d rather blame everyone else for his situation.

      He talks about his dad like he’s some kind of hard nut maniac, but he really must be a weak man to have such an undisciplined son.


      • I mean all of these things in his life are the result of taking shortcuts to avoid temporary inconvenience. He doesn’t want to diet or exercise so it’s DNP. He doesn’t want to learn how to cook a fucking pot of vegetables so it’s off to eat a burger.

        I’d like to know about his early life before all of this. If he’s fleshed it out, I missed it. I don’t expect we’ll find some big “incident” that lead to this but it would be interesting anyway.


      • Doing it your way has worked so well thus far, hasn’t it?

        You still think that how you “feel” matters. You are wasting time.


  2. Poley the only thing that can change your situation is you. I’m sure you know this so I’m not trying to tell you how to live your life or anything like that. But if you’re unhappy with a situation, only you have the power to change it.


      • If you are not smart of capable why do you smuggly ignore peoples advice and claim you know better than them?

        People try to give you good advice and you just laugh at them then make excuses when your way goes bad


  3. your myseterious references to whatever the hell it is that’s going to happen after your appeal fails are ominous and concerning

    Is Terry putting you up to this? he sounds like a fundamentalist scumbag who manipulates people at their weakest and most vulerable times!!!


    • I’ve been talking to Poleaboo in private and he has confided in me that Terry is trying to push him into doing things he doesn’t want to do for the sake of “the Caliphate”.


      • Amir you said you would handle this, Stop these people from talking about me or I’ll have to get your father involved and stop our meetings. Which is a shame as you were really enjoying our talks about sharia law


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