While watching ‘The Apprentice’ with my family last night, my mother grew a spine and asked what was going on with my university, I told her that I was expelled and that I’d need to appeal. As expected she didn’t have anything worthwhile to say only asked regarding the process of the appeal. I really need to send the appeal form in soon,it hasn’t been altered in days, just need to bite the bullet and do it, I don’t have anything more to add, I’ve written out a logic argument and if the uni sticks to its guns then it will just confirm what I always knew, that there’s an agenda against me and I was screwed from the off.

I have now obtained golden portraits for all heroes except Priest on Hearthstone. This is my great accomplishment, all that I have to show for my life since being arrested.

I’m eating terribly, it’s a serious issue now, I’m eating small chocolates, cheese and pastries, the cause is likely depression. Back up to 145lbs this morning. I shouldn’t wait for the DNP to arrive, I need to get on a diet now. I intend to buy some sardines and possibly yogurt later.

Watched some more “The U”, I don’t think it’s a good show, it’s just easy to listen to in the background because it doesn’t require any concentration.


5 thoughts on “Golden

  1. You say your mother has no spine because she doesn’t usually ask about your life. Well, when was the last time you asked about hers? You are self absorbed in your own little universe of suffering and self inspection but need to realise other people are dealing with their own personal challenges and issues that don’t always centre around you! Treat your mother as more of a fellow human and less as a “mother” or the “wife of your bastard father” and you will enjoy a new and better type of relationship. Little shifts in your perspective like this can dramatically change the way you see the world Poley (for the better). This is good advice which you should take the time to reflect on.


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