All Gold Everything

GPs referral letter to a psychiatrist arrived. It’s based in a large fancy (somewhat official, I believe) new building but I know that place also houses several paki doctors of the lowest order. I wanted a GIC and this isn’t it but it might lead there. Still anxious however when it comes to speaking about my gender issues since they’ve become less severe since starting HRT. As usual, I’m not sure if I’ll follow up.

Most of the time today was spent in the living room watching Netflix. My diet has improved, not quite there yet but the Icelandic yogurt will help, it has low calories, low carbs, high protein, sorta tasty and it lasts a while, might cut out the sardines.

I claimed golden portraits for all heroes on Hearthstone last night, I also hit the daily gold limit, that means I hit got 30 wins. Today hasn’t been as good as yesterday, rank 10 on Wild with my Priest deck and failing to move up.



4 thoughts on “All Gold Everything

  1. eat a pineapple and stalk someone else, also, quite interested how you knew this man was from the beautiful country of pakistan you fuckin little eng


  2. Poleaboo next time you have a problem with your dad, just say to him “No, paki!”

    If he gives you abuse just say “Paki! Paki! Paki!” at him.

    Your sister might give you a dirty look, but afterwards you can consider pissing in his drink when you get the chance.


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