oink oink part 27

I was eating well today, far below my target until my mother cooked a bunch of filthy carbs and planted them in the middle of the living room, I couldn’t resist. Really hate myself right now, I’m at 146lbs, just fuck, that’s 3lbs up from about a week ago and past the mark where I could say I made progress.

My father and I successfully worked together on a little project without attempting to kill each other.

Spending more time downstairs with the family, communicating more, mostly through jokes and insults, maybe that’s progress but I feel pathetic exposing myself, I can’t imagine how they feel having to look at the supreme failure that is me.

A few days ago, a man was raped in the park outside my house, not sure if they were fooling but my mother and sister were concerned about me leaving the house at night for that reason.

Lost interest in Hearthstone considerably.

Two days left until my appeal deadline, I’ll send the form tomorrow, whatever happens, happens and whatever happens next, happens next.


5 thoughts on “oink oink part 27

  1. It’s good you’re spending more time with your family. It must be encouraging to know your mother and sister care about you. Don’t worry about the rape, they usually only go after whites.


    • The guy who was raped was actually a paki.
      Fucked up how news like this spreads in the paki community
      and it’s fucked up how pakis are only interested when it affects pakis
      and it’s even more fucked up that they don’t actually care, it’s just gossip (that’s pakis in general, not my family)


    • They’re both scum but since I spend all day on 4chan, I find I’m surrounded by many Trump supporters who I find annoying, therefore I’d derive more pleasure if he were to lose


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