I finally sent in my appeal, it’s watertight, I used perfect logic and played an ace, if they reject it then once again it will confirm that I never had a chance, that for some reason the powers that be want me to disappear but what they don’t understand is that this is my life, I never let anything go and I won’t stop charging down this path until I find a resolution that satisfies me.

Went to the JobCentre, my work coach is brilliant, she is doing everything to make sure I get as much as I can, I’ll be signing on in a fortnight, hours before officially starting work, she’ll also be ensuring that she’s still my work coach when I return to the jobCentre, that was made out to be a big deal. It feels good to get a little extra in the bank, I need it. The sights at the JC are still the same, too many pakis, there was even again someone who wasn’t a native English speaker and not fluent in the language, Somali, I believe.

While combing my hair today, I lost a lot of hair, I realise now this is because my hair is so tangled, I need to figure out how to either stop my hair getting tangled in the first place or how to safely untangle it.

Hearthstone isn’t going overly well, had some success with Secret Hunter though, Midrange Shaman is still clearly the best deck but I’m sick of playing it. Got a huge amount of gold saved up, I’m getting at least 100 per day, so I should open around 80 packs on release of the new expansion.

I watched Last Week Tonight, it disgusted me how pseudo-pyramid schemes were allowed to exist and ruin peoples lives. Out of boredom, I also saw a new Simpsons episode, I wasn’t enough to even call poor, it was just nothing. Never mentioned it before but on Mondays I do watch Linkaras comic book reviews, they’re usually not particularly good but it’s novel to hear someone speak about something niche.

Still 146lbsuniv, it’s official, I rebounded, my diet would be fine if my mother didn’t cook, just cutting that out and I’d be losing weight instead of piling it on. Today she placed a fry up in the kitchen, even texted me when it was ready, too weak to resist. I genuinely like the Icelandic yogurt and find it filling, between that and porridge, I’m half way to a good weight loss plan, the missing ingredient is DNP which I now know is being shipped from “Asia” and my supplier is known for having long shipping times.

I haven’t set up an appointment with the psych. There’s also an appointment with the dentist that is several months overdue, maybe tomorrow.


12 thoughts on “Check

  1. You’re a whiney, self-righteous turd. There are people on this earth right now who were born without an arm, without legs, without hearing or eyesight and with these considerable handicaps. There are people with brain damage that aren’t such a waste of space. You were always this way but every now and then you would nut up and take control of the situation. I’m convinced now that the fag pills have chemically castrated the last drop of manhood out of you.

    The normal response here would be “kill yourself” but you’d still sponge off the public by requiring resources to clean up your corpse. You could turn this all around right now (the only time you can ever do anything is “right now”) and every day that you waste becomes another step toward a self-fulfilling prophecy. Stop wasting time.


    • Alright well this dude’s a real cunt Poley, but it sounds like things are going better for you. It sounds like you’re real close to getting a job which is probably gonna be good for you. Yo be careful with your weight loss though, I would recommend losing weight in a more natural way (like cardio) but it seems like you’ve done your research so just be careful. What’s your ultimate weight goal?


      • Applying for jobs successfully is a skill. You obviously aren’t good at it. I’d say that you should read a few books about how to successfully apply for work then start applying again.


      • People have given you itemized lists of what EXACTLY you should do. You inevitably come up with one of two responses:

        > i can’t
        > i don’t want to

        Your father SAID he’ll pay for you to go a different school

        > but i don’t want to


  2. That ‘palestine4ever’ guy is salty because you’ve given your heart and mind to the Anglo-sphere and spurned the faith of your forefathers. You stepped into the ideological flow of the west a long time ago Poley. There’s no turning back brother, regardless of what anyone says. The color of your skin is an irrelevant genetic remnant.


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