Two weeks to make your move

The quality of my diet is still hard to pindown but the scales don’t lie, still 146lbs. Coco Shreddies in the morning, Icelandic yogurt a few hours later and then it went downhill, had a slice of cheese pizza and three bowls of chicken and rice. I’m going to have to get on 500mg DNP the moment it comes through the door.

I went to ASDA, it was dark and raining lightly, perfect, bought carrots and kale, heard they’re good for your skin. I wanted pumpkin seeds too but couldn’t find any, I’ll just have to make do with those I can get from the whole pumpkin we have leftover from Halloween. At the entrance of the ASDA store, army men were selling poppies, I saw a paki talking to them and holding one up, I got the impression he was debating them. I would have liked to have purchased a poppy but I was too shy. Later in the day I had a small row with my sister for not wearing one to work. Being around her when she has returned from her place of employment really does make me feel depressed, I just imagine how she must feel knowing I exist and am sitting not far from her.

My day was spent watching shows during the early part, my mind however quickly turned to mush, I wanted to be able to do something more interactive, I failed to find something sufficient. The shows watched were, Siblings (not good but I like the style of the main actress), WWE Raw (boring as usual), Luke Cage (meh) and I rewatched some Community, loved it but after the last few years of my life, it’s just depressing now.

I still can’t find my feet this season of Hearthstone. Losing more than I’m winning. Last night though I spoke to a guy through the chat, he seems to care about my wellbeing, /r9k/ poster, lurks more than posts, doesn’t really know too much about me but we might have a meetup.

Washed my hair and shaved my face. Excited for laser on Saturday.

The university said it would reply to me by the 22nd of November, so exactly two weeks.


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