Still rebounding

I hit 147lbs, something has to change, today I was able to stick to my diet, porridge, a carrot, a serving of Icelandic yogurt. The carrot was disgusting but it took me over an hour to finish and killed my appetite for more food. The DNP will arrive this week or early next based on what my supplier has told me, I’d like to be able to get to at least 145 before then. Pokemon Moon was leaked and I downloaded it, if I can get into the same mentality I was in back around the time of Pokemon X/Y at the very least then this game should completely keep me away from snacking and binge eating.

My driving instructor conducted a mock test, I made several serious mistakes that would have led to me failing the exam, I need to increase my concentration and memorise the manoeuvres. The mistakes I make are not checking my mirrors, not going fast enough and a few other one off errors.

The police responded to my emails, I’ll soon be sent information on how I can collect the items that were seized by the police when I was arrested last September. It was just a tablet and a phone if I remember correctly.

I have a lot of stuff booked for the Monday after next, it was unavoidable due to starting work soon. Dentist appointment, signing on and a driving lesson are all on the same day I start my job.

Trump winning was shocking but I suppose it doesn’t affect me too much so I shouldn’t care.

A little clip of a trans teen on the BBC triggered me.

Duta arrived, I have become more comfortable with my hair so its not a bid deal however I know that it’s likely at some point in the future I would become anxious again so it is certainly for the best that I made the change.

Read some comics. Played some Hearthstone.


4 thoughts on “Still rebounding

    • DNP gets results and gets them fast, there is nothing better.

      I know I’m transgender, the question is whether or not I should transition (socially), eliminating my facial hair and the effects of HRT do make me feel better so stopping HRT is not on the table either.


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